Single Speed Cyclocross poster reprints.

The initial run of screen printed posters for the 2013 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championship was so popular, we decided to do a second run of posters. Here is the deal. We need a minimum of 20 posters ordered. I am offering this up for one week only. That means if you want one, you … Continue reading

Hiking through the grind.

The daily grind is sometimes just that. I am onto a new semester and after my visit to Kentucky, I have my eye on wide open spaces again. I have a great season of racing bikes to look forward to and being close to home has been better for my riding and relationships, but I … Continue reading

Changing Gears

It aint no metaphor baby. I am attempting to race my bicycle in a singlespeed fashion which means often changing the gear ratio. It is a pain in the butt but so is waking up something you know you can ride. I can tell you from experience, it sucks to get your butt kicked because … Continue reading

Ride with Swift

I finally got to take my Swift Industries bag out on a decent ride. I have been holding back and have been doing the work thing again where I don’t get to commute…yet…and I don’t have time to ride during the day with the job change. I really wanted to get out there with at … Continue reading

The Viaje

Yes. This bike rules! I really want to get into gravel racing and taking bikes to their max. I think this bike is designed for just that. With the disc brakes, rack and fender mounts and the frame design,this is not just some creative marketing. This bike is meant to haul on just about anything. … Continue reading

Crossing Over Intergalactic Style

I always want to enter these team relay races, but since I am more or less a bicycle nomad, I don’t have a team any longer but I do have a network of people out there that I enjoy riding with and I think they even like riding with me. I had a text from … Continue reading

The Boss

The other day I got a call from my partner in crime, Harry.  I knew it had to do with a show since Harry and I have seen some awesome shows together. He might be one of the only people to have been at everyone of my top 10 shows of all time. I will … Continue reading

New Bag Day

Today is the day! My new pannier bags arrived from Swift Industries. The Seattle duo makes every hand built bag to order. They truly picked out the right color for my bag. The neutral brown 1000D courdura bag looks great on my stead and fits to the Brooks saddle perfectly with the perforated leather straps. … Continue reading

Washington Couldn’t get lost.

I am starting to get back in the groove. I have a very early wake up call, but I get out so early now. I am getting back in to the swing of things with the school schedule. I am mostly digging the out by 3 deal. I have to keep my motivation up after … Continue reading

New Stage. New Ideas.

A few months back, I fulfilled a dream of joining the staff of Discovery communications.  I left a career that I loved but where I felt trapped, disappointed, and generally pretty unhappy. I had a distant view of another patch of emerald turf and I wanted to be there at almost any cost. With the … Continue reading