Today I had to do some work at Pharm Ops, Inc. I am really happy I get to work there again. Most of the time I do not do too much, but when I do have to do work, I am very busy there. The people at Pharm Ops Inc. (my girlfriends parents) have really helped me out in the last year. I have no idea what I would have done without them, since I would have been out of a job the whole year. I worked there from last Aug till the middle of April then came back about a week ago to work the whole summer. During that time there were a ton of boring days, but they were tempered with two trips to Colorado. Colorado was awsome!
I really miss getting to see jess as much as I did while I was teaching, but it is only for a short amount of time. Soon enough I will be living in our apartment all the time.
I got to go mountain biking after work. I love to ride my bike(s) if you have not noticed. I do not get enough saddle time in. I always feel like I am slacking when it comes to riding my bikes. I tend to make up reasons why I can’t ride that day, or why I should not. I guess I feel guilty since I do it all the time and talk about it more.
I went riding near the Lackawana state forest. It was on a trail that is normally used for snowmobiling. It was pretty rough, and there were a ton of down trees. I had a hike a bike experience out there. I wish there were more land available to Mountain bikers, but I guess I have to work at that with land owners and governments. The land that I was riding on is VERY light use. It may get heavy use in the fall with hunting season, but besides that, you will hardly ever find anyone else out on those trails, but they are closed to Mtn. Bikes. There are tons of arguments for and against riding bikes on state land, but it is a simple case of using the trails when they are fit, fixing them when they are damaged by weather or users, and making proper trails with good sight lines that do not endanger hikers, equestrians, or other bikers.
Mountain bike companies spend oceans of money to make bikes go fast and to advertise that as well. This helps the Mountain bike commnity be drawing people in, but conversly, it scares people away. Some people are very afraid of the idea of going too fast on a bike. Some people also belive that you need to be blazing through the woods on your bike. I love to go fast as hell, but often times, I would rather look for wildlife, or just enjoy the day.
Enough of my shared use rant for the day.
The rest of my day I spent just kind of hanging out. I went to my parents house and talked to some of my friends online. Then went over to my friends apartment. Megan, Kyle, and Justin live above the bar that Justin co-owns. It is always a good time hanging out with them. Kyle has been one of my best friends since I was in 4th grade, and is probably the funniest person alive. I have known Megan since I was in Kindergarten (she is the little sister to one of my friends from back then), and she is always good for comic releif.
After I got home from their apartment, my mom cut my hair. We did it at like 12am! It was so damn hot that she ended up just shaving my head instead of giving me some style. I like to have my head shaved, since there is less work trying to keep up with it.
Enough for today.


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