Went into work this morning to find that it was over 80 degrees in there at 9am! I was asked to go into a room and do a bunch of work. it was 84 degrees with 65% Relative Humidity inthe room. There was NO air at all. I got my work done, but I was just soaked with sweat by like 10am.

I ended up going to Foot Locker and was able to pick up 5 tee-shirts for 20 bucks. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

I got changed out of my gross clothes, and was very happy to feel dry. I spent the rest of the day trying to fend off the heat. We tried everything and realized that the AC was just NOT working. Everything we tried just did not make us cooler. We had the door open to let at least SOME air in. There are no windows in our office what so ever. We ended up leaving work around 2:30.

Went back to jess’s parents house and called lynksis to try and fix the router. Talked to some dude in India or Cashmier or whatever. He tried his hardest, but I still had to fix it on my own. The IP address was messed up somehow.

After dealing with him for about an hour, I went for a mountain bike ride about 5 miles from her parents house. I found the place on MTBR. Some people gave it bad reviews, but I thought it was pretty nice, but could be a bit bigger. The place was good, but it was a little wet, and I did not want to do too much damage. I got my heart rate up for a little while, annd got some nice miles in the woods.

Came back here and took a swim, then cleaned my bike. Not a bad day after all!


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