We finished all of our work for the week. It was a great relief to finish this batch and know that we did it on time.

Tonight there was a benifit for a friend of mine that was shot three times as he was working security at a club. This guy is one tough and lucky sucker. He is more or less fine after his ordeal, but like everything in life, going to the ER is very expensive, as is emergency surgury.

This benifit had a bunch of good bands, and a good number of people showed up. For me it was like a reunion, since the people who showed up were a lot of my friends from one of my old jobs. Mike worked with all of us as bouncers at The Trocadero in Philadelphia. A good friend of ours that moved away to Texas also came out to the show. It was a great time seeing everyone, and it was great that so many people showed up to help Mike out.

The night ended with some good egg white omlets at South Street Diner.

On a totally differnet note, today I read in the paper that Home Land Security is not going to be responsible for mass transit around the country. The reasoning acording to the director, “When a plane crashes 3,000 people die, when a subway car is attacked 30 people die”. WTF? How could someone who is supposed to protect us, not care about our transit systems. If there were coordinated attacks on 10 subway cars or busses in 10 cities on anyday, are we not at 3,000 people according to his math? That is not impossiable to happen whatsoever. I feel that if they are going to protect one, they should protect all with the proper amount of funding/protection according to the threat against that area. Should South Dakota get Home Land Security funds? Yes. Should they get the same protection as Philly? HELL NO! The preceived threat is just totally different, but they still do get the same $$.

I feel that the money is being cut off to the transit systems because the fed wants to support the lagging airline industry and also the major Metro areas of the US just did not support GW in the last election. A way to teach constituents a lesson is to take funding away. I just think he is sneaky, and needs to be out office.

HELLO CIA, FBI, HOME LAND SECURITY, SS! and who ever else is snooping, it is only an opinion


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