After a long day the day before, it was nice to get some relaxing time in, I woke up late, and patched some tubes and cleaned up a little bit. I wanted a slow start to the day. I was trying to figure out the weather. I wanted to go for a ride, but they kept talking about a ton of rain coming, so I was not too sure about going. I got my bike ready to go just in case I decided to go.

Jess had some stuff she wanted to get for our house and wanted me to go along to get it with her. I also wanted to scope out the start to the trial I was heding to yesterday before I got my flat. I found out how to get where I wasa going without having to hit the dirt path. I will give this same ride another attempt next weekend I think. After I found the trail, we ended up going to Best Buy, Monster Pets, Shop Rite, and Ikea. I am not the biggest fan of shopping, esp right now considering I don’t have any money. So going shopping is boarderline depressing for me. I know that anything I buy has to be budgeted down the the penny. it kind of sucks, but that should change once I am back at school in September.

After shopping I was going to go out for a ride, but we got the rain that was coming all day. I took a nap instead and just lounged in the house and watched the storms come over.

Congrads to George Hincapie on his stage win. He is one of my favorite riders who gives all he can for the team and Lance Armstrong, and never gets a chance to win a stage of the TDF


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