Driving hurts my balls

I really need to change the listining to section. I think I have had that biggie song up for a few days now. At least since I had my stuff stolen. If you like it, cool, but I am getting sick of the same song over and over. At least looking at it.

When I got up today the dog seemed to still be bummed about his punishment. It sucks, but hopefull he will learn that he can not pee everywhere. I am sure he will be happy to see me Thursday night.

Today I had work again. But all we had to go and pick up a balance near the NJ shore. Mr. Vadino drove, and I looked at some magazines and slept on the drive. We got down there and picked up the balance and looked around the warehouse. This place is full of used pharmacutical equipment. They had two full warehouses of the stuff.

Mr. Vadino got kind of lost on the way back. It was not too far out of the way, and I didn’t care, because I was not sitting at work, but I was pretty damn hungry, because it was almost 3! Jersey highways drive me crazy! They do not make too much sense at all. Only a few more weeks of driving around on them.

We got back to work in time for me to check my mail, eat lunch, unload the balance and some other stuff we got, and turn around and leave. Not too bad for a day of work.

After work I picked up my car from STS. I still had the brake squeel going on so I dropped it off last night to be looked at. The guy took the calipers apart on the rear drivers side and fixed it all up for me. It is not queeling anymore, and I took it on a long drive up to my parents house tonight.

I didn’t know how damn nice it was going to be at my parents house. If I knew the forcast for there I would have had one of my bikes with me. It is nice to get to spend time with my parents, and really riding is def secondary to that. At my parents house I talked to my mom for a bit, while I ate some great vegetarian hamburger helper type dish. It was a little cheesy, but you are supposed to eat fattening foods when you go home…RIGHT? I also go to plan our trip to a baseball game with my dad. We talked about directions and what not. We are going to see the Nationals and Phillies next Monday. I also helped my dad with the grass, and helped my mom do some stuff around the house, like take the rug to the car wash to power wash it (sort of white trash), and re hang a door for her.

After I helped them out, I went out with Kyle to go and Drive some golf balls and play video games. We are 25+ and this is still so much fun to me. I got a pretty big blister on my thumb from holding the club too tight, but i loosened up my grip and was able to blast the ball over 200 yards after that. Not too bad for a borrowed driver, and no technique. Now if I could only get them to fly straight.


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