Why complain when it is cold when you can just break your computer?

There is not really anything we can do about it, but put on the proper gear and head out in it. Sure it sucks, but we have months to save up to buy some good stuff so we dont have to cry for two months of the year when it is really cold. Every day that I freeze, I just think of how great it is going to be when the trails are coming back to life with quick sure footed squirls, new flowers, and wheezing lungs that did not work out enough over the winter.

Over the long weekend (gotta love being a school teacher and getting the day off!)i did a whole bunch of stuff. I tried to install a new harddrive on my computer, and messed it up so bad that the thing does not turn on anymore! I guess It is good that I have a new laptop coming this week! I have to bring it to Jess;s uncle and maybe he can fix it. After I did that to my computer I went to lunch with Pete at El Asteca for a while. When I got home from there Jess and I went shopping for christmas till like 8pm, and just really hung around the house the rest of the night.
On saturday I went to work with jess’s dad at Pharm Ops Inc.. Saturday night was spent sitting around and sort of waiting for colleen to get home and just chilling out.
Sunday we hit up the Snyder dinner with pete and colleen (the Mc-Dudeks). This place rules, since you can watch a mob meeting, a football game, and a guy drinking martinis by himself in the corner. Just an amazing site.
We went to BJs aftewards and stocked up on tons of stuff. I think I have like a few month’s worth of food. That place is just crazy. I think it will be well worth the split $30 fee for 15 months. The rest of the weekend was spent just relaxing and dealing with the dog.

It has been so long since I wrote for this thing, I guess I should up date you. No one REALLY reads this anyway! I guess I can give you a list of what has been going on with me.

1. I got engaged to my love
2. Got a dog (both pitured above)
3. Started teaching again
4. Been back to Colorado

I Guess that is really it.


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