Bike to Work

It is bike to work day. I understand why it is late in May, since it is so nice out and everything, but why can’t I have “Snot is frozen to your face, and your fingers and toes are numb Bike to work day”?
Even though the folks I work with are amazed that I ride my bike almost every day, sometimes I need that extra push to make sure I get out there. It happens sometime around mid January through February. I dont mind riding up until christmas, becuase that chill in the air is just the holidays coming. It is the time when spring is still far off, and winter has you by the short and curlies that we need to have a bike to work day.

Someone at my job did give me chocolate covered pretzels for my bike to work efforts today though. They told me it was my responsibility to protect the environment, as she handed me a plastic bag that she took out of her minivan

Last night I finally finished my new single speed. I took it for a madien voyage, but the tire slipped and the chain was too short to bring it further back in the fork ends. I had to add a few links to the chain to get it just right. I might have just a little bit too much brake housing on it, but it will do for right now. The total cost for the bike was like $150 of new parts(frame from ebay and fork from craigslist). The rest of the stuff was from my tool box or taken off of bikes that were less than active.

Parts list for new single speed:
Jamis Dragon Hard Tail w/modified rear end.
Rock Shox Judy fork (dont know the age)
Generic seatpost and stem
Brooks B-17 Honey Saddle
Big S pedals
Avid Speed Dial Ti levers
Mavic Cross Max XL wheels
various tires
Big s bottom bracket
race face crank
Avid Disc brakes.

I thank the lady of the house for not wanting to kill me while i have finished this project. I will post some pictures later tonight.

Some pictures I took from a recent class trip are on the homepage of My School District.
On the road again

To keep your interest for the rest of the day how about water for sex. Maybe someday I can bring a gallon or two and trade it in at the LBS for some new disc brakes.

2 Responses to “Bike to Work”
  1. gwadzilla says:

    why the run away bride?

  2. Surly Rider says:

    I jsut find our obsession with her amazing.

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