got it….

Late last night, Jess and I decided to go the an auction today. We endeded up getting a whole bunch of stuff and paid like nothing for it. We got:
A quilt,
an english three speed bike,
a dehumidifyer,
a big ass antique mirror,
two folding chairs.
All together we payed 18.64 and that included a buyers premium and tax. INfuckingSANE. There were loads of other things that went pretty low as well.
Jess and I now have three lightweight English crusiers! One Raleigh, one Gibralter, and a Royce Union.

After a haircut, and a search for a resteraunt, we got back to the city. I got my bike ready and went for a ride. I took a few pictures. A few pictures of some abandoned and destroyed cars .

These are the trails I ride now. The black car was not there on Thursday when I was there last. I guess it is pretty active back there.
Here is a picture of the “single track”
This is my single on one of the docks. Notice the razor wire and graf work behind it. Fun place to be!

Besides the guys riding ATVs and dirtbikes, I felt a little more comfy on the trails today. It will be a good place to just get a good workout, and get on some dirt in the city. I look like I was having a good time.

After a good ride and getting cleaned up a little bit, jess and I finally got to come in contact with our inner white trash and we went to Red Lobster, since we got a gift card from her shower. The housewives are on the tube, the dog is on the couch, jess and I are on our computers and getting ready for bed. I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

2 Responses to “got it….”
  1. gwadzilla says:

    where are those trails?

    there is an old car at Schaeffer I want to take some shots of yesterday

  2. Surly Rider says:

    the trails are in Fishtown. it is just a bit north of center city along the river.

    I know where that car is!

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