hope I never lose my wallet.

This really sucks. I could not imagine having my bike stolen, esp one that means so much to me. I also could not imagine having the life that would allow me to travel like that. I am close to my friends and family, which would make it hard to travel as much as he has.
Last night I had to stay at work pretty late, so I ended up taking the train home. It seems like the later I am on the train, the worse it is. Also last night someone was “lighting up” the train. Every few stops there was a green gas coming over the car I was riding in. Not much fun. I got off at TEMPLE and checked my tire. It was a little low, as this tire has had a slow leak for months, but it is usually still full by the time I get home from work. I have to pump it up every morning, but it lasts for the full day. I was getting home from work about 4 hours later than even my later nights, so the tire was very low. I figured I would make it home with no trouble, but that proved not to be the case. I ended up with a pinch flat after hitting a big rock that I didnt see. The flat was not the problem as I have a total kit in my bag to deal with just about anything. The place it happended was the problem. For those of you familiar with the city…this was at 9th and Germantown Ave. Not a place you want to flat at 9:30pm. Luckily I was close enough to a bright safe place and was able to change really quick. I got the tire done and was on my way.
The reason why I was at work so late was due to a ceremony infront of the school board where I was picked as rookie of the year for my school. I am not a rookie teacher, but as far as Pennsylvania and NASD is concerned, I am a rookie. I got some nice stuff, and a check for $50, but they spelled my name wrong on this crystal thing they gave me. I will try to get a picture of it.
My principal said nice things about me, and informed everyone that I won a grant from HP for $37,000 worth of equipment for my school. The audience let out a simultanious gasp. People seem excited about that sort of stuff. I did the work for it so long ago, that I dont really think I did anything. I will be excited when all of the stuff gets here. The “stuff” is this * an HP Tablet PC
* an HP multimedia projector
* an HP digital camera
* an HP PSC all-in-one printer/scanner/copier
* software and accessories
* a $500 stipend
* a professional development program.
for each of the 5 teachers on the team. A good deal I think.


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