Tuesday Already.

No clue where the weekend went. I just know I am tiderd and not too thrilled about being alive right now.
Friday was a good day in school with a bit of a break inthe afternoon. As I left school I felt that my rear tire can use a little bit of air. I decided to forgo the air, and get on to my house. Well…as that usually goes, I ended up fixing a flat on the bke trail back towards the city. I had to use a patch kit, as my fresh tubes were gone after last week. I usually put fresh tubes in, then patch at home to save on tubes and trash. I got it done pretty quickly and I was on my way. A few riders pased by me while I was fixing it, and most asked if I was ok. It is nice that we often ask eache other when we are on the trail. I have even helped out fellow bikers even when I was walking down to the board walk. Anyway, I got back on the bike and figured I would get to town in no time as I was having a good ride. I got to a hill that normally kicks my ass, but I saw a guy up ahead that I know from some cycling circles and know that he is fast. I wanted to push myself to see exactly how fast he was. I ended up getting to the top of the two hills, back down the next and into the tight part of Umbria street in Phily. I ended up catching him just before a light. I re-introduced myself, and we established our connections to eachother at the light. We rode through the “nuk and talked about bikes and cyclocross season. He is getting a new
IF for the upcoming ‘cross season.
I can’t wait to get mine moving. I want to have it finished by Thursday night, so I can ride it on my birthday. if it does not rain too much. After talking with Dave for a little bit I saw that I needed some more air. I pumpped it up agian, but it didnt keep air really well. I ended up going up the street to the Bike Shop, talked to Fernando for a bit, changed my tire again and got on my way.
I had to pump up again later down the road twice to make it home. A normal 1.25 hour ride took about 2. Just a pain.
After I got home we went to see some friends to hang out on the block and let the dogs run around while we ate some pizza and just chilled for the night.

Saturday we had to finish cleaning and fixing our old apartment. We spent almost all day and night doing this. We threw out a ton of trash, and patched up some stuff as well. We put down a new floor since Stella ripped part of the old one up. Saturday was more or less cooked by the time we finished cleaning up and what not.

Sunday was a big day. I woke up very early and worked on my bikes and cleaned up the basement prepping for the boxes that we still had to move over to our new house. I devised a better way to hang them to take up less room and have all but the three English bikes hanging up. Those English bikes are just too damn heavy. After jess mades some great breakfast and we packed up the dogs stuff, we headed off to my parents house in Pittston. The two hour drive was fine, but I had to do much of it alone as jess and the dog fell asleep for almost the entire ride after we got on the North east extension of the Turnpike.
Pittston was nice as many members of my family came over for some Memorial day activities. hanging out in the back yard with the lady, the dog, and the rest of the family is the perfect way to spend the day. There was a definate cloud over the day as my grandmother is still in the hospital/rehab after her stroke, and was not doing too well on Friday and Saturday. After the family started to head out, Jess and I went to visit my grandmother.
She was in much better spirits than described from the last two days. Her bruises have healed up for the most part, and we were making sure that she had some great things to look forward to, like my wedding, and her great grandchildren growing up. I think she really just needs something to look forward to and past this problem right now. I really hope she pushes through this and gets back to what she was before.
We talked about all sorts of things with her. The future, the past, recent events,and she seemed just like her normal self, just a bit more tired.
One of the coolest things she talked about, and one of my favorite stories is about her time spent in DC. She lived there when she was 17-18 and worked for the Navy during WWII. She lived at 18th and Q and walked to her typing job everyday. I just love picturing WWII era DC, and the general feeling aroudn the area. I think it would be a much diff feeling there then than now.
After grandma time we picked up some money for tickets from some friends up in scranton and then headed for my parents house. We ended up staying at my parents house, as we were too tired to make the 2 hour ride home.

On Monday we woke up at 6 and started our ride back to Philly. We got to Uhaul at 8:30 and picked up the van. We worked on the apartment till 12 then dropped off some of our stuff at the house. We brouhgt the van back at 1, then went to the Oregon Diner. After the diner we finished everything we needed to do before 3. The rest of the night was spent chilling in the house and a nice trip to Target.


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