I have been to two world championship races, at least five US national champ races, bunches of mountain, road, and courier races but I never made it to a cyclocross race in my life. I guess I always thought there were none around, until I came upon the MAC series. I went down to the far southeastern corner of PA to see some cross action. It was a bit wet, but pretty nice out. I took my dog with me to the race. She had a great time, as there were a few other dogs there, and we were outside!

We made it there for the mens elite race, and since i had a “date” to go mountain biking at the green later in the night, we were only able to stay for one full race and the start of the womans race.

The race had a great feel to it. There were wide open sections on the course, but then some really tight decents, and a “spiral of death” on the course as well. I didnt get down to the spiral, since the dog was a bit to handle while walking around the course. I did take some pictures of some racer bikes that I was drooling over. I really liked the amount of small builders like IF, Sachs, Vanilla, etc. I am into those kinds of bikes, so it is nice to see them in real life. I actually really like to see how people set their bikes up. I keep a mental note of how they set them up, and then I can let my customers know how certain things are done, or trends we are noticing. I dont know if everyone does it, but I am a true dork about it.

I did get chance to see some of the bikes the folks at Wissahickon Cyclerly are making. They had a road bike, a city bike, a 29er, and a cross bike there. Engin Cycles seem to be well made. They are made in Philly, so that is cool with me. The folks at Wiss really love blue.
If you are a record dork like me, is a great animation. The video is all over I don’t think it is 100% work safe.

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