Bicycle Revolutions

It has been a while coming, and I really wanted to do it for a while, but I finally got chance to see my friend Brian’s new shop last night.
While I talked to him from the beginning about ideas, and everything and saw him working on cleaning out the old place, I never got chance to stop by since I moved out of that neighborhood. I moved out of that hood about a week before he opened the shop. After that I shortly started working for the shop I am with now, and as everyone in the bike industry knows, spring and summer is crazy time.

With some errands in that neighborhood, and the time to spare, I got to stop by and say hello. He is doing great work with a small space and a nich market. It is way different than the shop he used to work at . It is a nice small shop with a rotating amount of artowrk on the walls, some really cool different stuff you dont find in a typical shop, and a few custom rides on the wall.

As for bikes He carries Redline, Breezer, all of the QBP brands (Surly, Salsa, Etc.), and Uno bikes (sun) from J and B improters, and soon will carry SE bikes(who are doing some rad stuff these days). He also has a litespeed and an Eddy Merckx hanging up for good measure.

The shop at My Space Bicycle Revolutions, 712 S. Fourth St., 215-629-2453.

Just a quick picture of the front window. Looks really cool!

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