Hardcore Plates

While listing to the Fredcast, Dave mentioned that the folks in my second favorite state in the union are trying to get a cycling friendly license plate. If you are a resident of Colorado, sign the petition to get this thing going! Maybe when I finally move out there, I can get one as well.

Shortly after I left Virginia, one of the groups got together and was able to persuade the folks in Richmond to devlop a share the road plate. Virginia has to have the most personialized plates of any state or commonwealth. Mine said BIKEDRK (bike dork). It as a favorite past time of mine to read them while sitting in traffic in the greater DC area. Last night Jess and I went to see American Hardcore. I grew up in hardcore and punk rock of the early 90s, and some of the bands I looked up to looked up to the bands profiled in the movie. I can not say that I am a huge fan of Black Flag, or Bad Brains, but Minor Threat, The Cro-Mags and some others that were in the movie have helped shape who I am today.

The movie was good, and I enjoyed some of the footage and history. I found out how some of the real history went down, and I also learned where some folks were from, and their backstory. What I didnt like about the movie was how much they talked about Black Flag and Bad Brains. Dont get me wrong, I wasn’t there, but Jesus, it seemed like that was all there was when you look at the amount of footage and time devoted to those two bands.

I would really like to see/make a movie about the next part of the Hardcore Movement…like post 86 to aprox 92-93. Bands like Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags, Project X, Slapshot, Inside Out, Judge, etc. That is more my time, and what I feel, really shaped what we have these days.

I think it was Vinny Stigma or John Joseph, one of the NYHC guys who went off at the end of the film about the current breed of “punk rock” and how it is nothing like their generation.

I the words of Mike Jude, You and your crew would never have made it through the days we hung out in 1982 – Judge, New York Crew

One Response to “Hardcore Plates”
  1. gwadzilla says:


    very different eras
    very different times

    but the later would not have existed without the prior

    Black Flag?
    Bad Brains?

    two albums to chase down
    I Against I
    give them a fair listen

    it may not be your thing

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