Coming along

Last post I talked about how i wanted to drop some tons. So far I have dropped over 10 lbs. Being a bit sick last week I am sure helped on the road, but I have been busting my butt so far. I am doing spinning between 2 and 3 days a week, running 2-3 miles a day (except Friday) and I lift weights everyday but Wednesday and Friday. Days that I spin, go light on the lifting.

I am working with low weights and high reps. I do different body parts, but sometimes I will do the same body part two days in a row. I will post my true work out schedule when I get it totally down. I feel that it is working, and I am sure the eating right is dong well. I cut out the peanut butter and threw in the oatmeal instead. I am sure that helped. Turkey and Chicken are doing more for me than veggie burgers and cheese ever did. Not that I dont support the things I said before, but the lean protein is where it is at. Stay away from that fried chicken.

At work we are doing a biggest loser type challange. We start tomorrow at 3:30 and end the last wednesday in May. I am so winning this shit, it is going to be sad for the other folks in this program. I will keep you updated as the time goes on.

Jess (my wife) and I went to a friends wedding the other night. It was the first wedding we have been to since our own. It was pretty cool to be the “old pro” at the wedding instead of the guy who made a half ass attempt at catching some part of womans undergarmet.

The wedding was great and totally my style. The groom owns a real bikers motorcycle shop and the bride works at a tattoo shop and desings jewlery. Both artists in their own right, but very traditional. It was a good mix of the two. What I pictured of my wedding if we didnt go the direction we went with ours. Picture a girl with full sleave tattoos in a traditional gown with a train and all. Groom with neck work poking out of his tux. Good stuff.

I would never trade my wedding for the world, but Paul and Chrissy really know how to throw a party! They even used a picture from our wedding for their program.

Oh bikes…I ordered my 29er finally! I have made a bunch of extra $$ on ebay and finally got some money from my HP grant that I won, so I ordered the frame. I picked up some decent wheels, and I am going to tear down my IF to build the Karate Monkey as a geared bike so I can use it to commute to work, and hit the trails at Wiss on my way home. I will hopefully have it on the road by next Tuesday. I would imagine my wheels will come in on Monday. I am going to build it up mostly Thursday night when I get it, but wait for final adjustments until I have my own wheels. I will post pictures when it is done.

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