B and N

Looks like one of the new top books from B and N features cycling. Looks like a good read. Maybe I will pick it up for my wife. She is always looking for a new book.

I came up to my parents house, and had no clue how much snow there was. Philly did not have too much snow at all, but up here in the mountains we have a good amount. I spent a good portion of the night so far using my dads new snowblower to make a parking spot in front of my parents house.

2 Responses to “B and N”
  1. carlos says:

    Hi, just in case that your wife is in search for some other books, hand her out this link to the first Beta-Sway issue: http://www.endorphinum.de/betasway

    I just present two cycling books in there, but maybe the one or another sports-book in there may be of interest for her.

    Best wishes from Hamburg in Germany,


  2. lindseykitty says:

    This has nothing to do with the book, sorry…
    I was just in a cycling accident (almost). I am a bike commuter and had to slam on my breaks when a car pulled out of traffic and into the bike lane. I went flying over my handlebars but somehow managed to land evenly on my feet. I was fine, just shook-up. Have you ever heard of this happening?

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