The Path Back

Last Friday morning I was getting ready to drive to my parent’s house. The main event I was going up there for was the Tomato Festival 5k. I ran this last year in less than 30 minutes and I wanted to do it in less time this year. About ten minutes to my planned departure time, Jen the co captain of team Fatcyclist Philly emails me and asks if I can take Elden “Fatcyclist” Nelson to get his bike at bike line in center city. Due to the time constraints, I would have to skip my race, but an opportunity to help out someone who has influenced so many was one I did not want to pass on.

I still went to the Tomato Fest Friday to take some photos and walk around with the locals. I also wanted to visit back home because one of my very good friends was home for the first time in two years, and we had plans to hang out. I left early Saturday morning. skipping the race and headed back to Philly in time to pick up Elden.

Montco: I stopped at the livestrong village/swamp out at Montgomery county community college to get my materials for the ride. I got my bib and checked out some of the booths. I stopped off to talk to some Philly bike ambassadors about the Bike Philly event coming up and then I was off.

Double tree: I stopped and picked up Elden after a quick freak-out when I thought I had lost his number and also realized that we never said a real time, we just said lunchtime. Which is vastly different to most people. Thank god for sent mail folders! When I met Elden I just didn’t know how to approach someone who just lost their wife while he let the whole world in to see. I did what I do best…talk about something else. We talked about bikes, crashes, rides, his kids and all sorts of stuff. He is as nice as you would expect him to be and maybe even a bit more so.
Philly: I love my adopted city and when I get chance to show her off, I love it. We checked out some of the sites around town since he has never been here before and then picked up his loaner bike from bike line and some sweet smoothies from reading terminal market. If reading terminal on a busy Saturday is not a Philly trial by fire, I am not sure what is.
We headed out to pick up Philly Jen and her stuff. Hit up the “rocky steps” and then made it outta town in time for cake with the rest of the fatties. Check his blog for pictures and a write up of the day.
I jetted back to town to get ready for dinner. I did stop by the Macys one-day sale and picked up the most perfect polo shirt for the Livestrong dinner. I do need to look good!
Even though I fell asleep for a bit and made it to the dinner late, I still got to see most of the speeches and get some food. I got to meet a bunch of fatties after dinner.

Back to the DT: I picked up my bike stuff and freaked out because I thought I might forget something. I made it to the hotel and crashed on Philly Jens couch much too late for our early start!


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