Recovery on the path

Well today is the day that the new path starts, and I do not think the path calls for finally getting out of bed at noon! Today was a true recovery day. I lounged around in bed till noon and then finally got on with what I needed to do. I brought fattys bike back to the shop where they finally got his speedplays off the bike. Neither fatty nor I could get them off, and the shop guys had a hard time as well. I think a gorilla put them on. After dropping that off, I got to eat my favorite thing in the city. I picked up a falafel and hummus sandwich at King of Falafal at 16th and JFK in philly. I ate that almost all the time when I was a courier and I get it any time I have a day off down town. Along with my falafal and my fruit salad I headed off to Philly Jens house to drop her bike off and go watch the Phils at 10 stone and talk about plans for next years ride. We talked about a bunch of stuff including a camping option and some other fundraiser ideas for the livestrong ride. Good time with Jen.

I am the blue faced furry cat. Oliver is the tall black and red faced cat.

After a stop at home for some dinner and chill time with the dog, I went off to a Mollywoppers meeting with my buddy Oliver. We are trying to improve on our showing from last year. The meeting did not accomplish much, but we did talk about some ideas and get the ball rolling on the theme for next year. If you do not know what a mummer is, and want to see some more pics of the mollywoppers nyb, click the links.


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