Ride with Ben

I have been trying to go for a ride with my friend Ben all summer long. He is a ride guide for EMS and does a ride every Wednesday night with the Deleware Trail Spinners and customers from EMS.

Ben Hall

Ben Hall

Even though I planned on this ride all day, I ended up showing up late due to traffic and getting slightly lost along the way. Luckly Matt from EMS hung back till I was ready and we rode hard and fast to join up to the group. Ben, who customers at the shop used to think was my brother, takes the intermediate group out. It was exactly what I needed to get back into the swing of things. I was able to help a few newbies with some skills and hopefully helped them gain some confidence.

some of our group

More of group

some of our group
More of group

The ride was just fast enough, but I was not dying. After we got back to the trail head, there was a bit faster group that was going to head out. I jumpped right on the chance to ride more. I got right behind the line leader. He and I rode fast in parts where the group knew where we were going and were able to keep the group together by slowing up at the difficult parts for the rest of the group.

I headed home and made myself an omlet with my nucleaur chicken mixture. I made earlier in the day.


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