A view from on high.

The big plan for today was to go to hang with the dog, have lunch with some old friends and just enjoy one of the last days before I start back to work. I think I achieved that for the most part.

I guess the recent rain really brought out the pretty flowers. I am kind of partial to climbing flowers. I guess there is some beauty in their struggle and they are usually pretty bright. Stella and I got to see a few pretty ones that were not there just last week !

white flower


It is nice to see such pretty flowers in the city. These are attached to a fence that is around a vacant lot.

I am keeping on this track of trying to eat the right things. Yesterday I made some really spicy chicken concoction that was so hot I would have been better off spraying mace all over the chicken and trying to eat it. My eyes and nose were both running to better places and I could barely exhale. Somewhere on the ride yesterday I ended up thinking of mixing the chicken with eggs into an omelet. I did so and was successful. Spicy enough to make eggs taste good, but I was actually able to eat it without steam coming out of my ears.

Spicy Eggs

While eating my great omelet, I finally bit the bullet and registered for Livestrong Austin. I was pretty excited after the Philly challenge and I really want to do the Austin ride and raise some money in the interim. If you want to help with that…go to http://austin09.livestrong.org/surlyrider. I am sure I will be writing a bunch about this in the next month and a half.

I kind of bummed around the internet, did house stuff, and hung out with the dog until lunch time. I rode my commuter over to lunch, as it was down town. The commuter has the third different set of wheels on her. Right now she is rolling on Specialized Roval wheels with Conti Ultra Gator skins. The other addition is a great fatty sticker brought down from the great white north by way of “Albany” Bob.


I met with one of my lunch date ladies Jes S.  She works at the Comcast building in center city. This place has this huge wall that is actually a tv. Not a projection system but a tv wall. You have to see it to really understand it.


This image had the ball come all across the screen to the diving baseball player.


Betty Boop Walking on the wall with a classic cartoon above her

People just stand in there and watch it all the time. I actually watched the final pitches of the World Series there.

We had a great Thai lunch on the 40something floor of the Comcast tower. I was a total tourist and was taking pictures of the city from up there.


I live over near that water somewhere.

City 2

That circle is Love Park from 45 stories up.

We had a great lunch and good conversation. It is good to see these ladies if only for a little bit.


Old Friends


Lunch I stayed away from the egg roll and the fried noodles. It is tofu on broccoli and carrots with just a drizzle of orange sauce.

After lunch I took a walk across town with one of my lunch buddies to go see my best friend and his son. We spent a bunch of time hanging out with those guys and then I took a nice ride around town.

After that trip was over, the dog and I took a long jaunt around the hood then I went for a bit of a run.


3.1 miles in about 30 minutes or so. I want to pick up the speed a bit, but the heat is killing me.

Now I am just relaxing watching the IGGLES embarrass themselves and some random Thursday night TV.

Maybe when I go back to work I will not be so long winded!

One Response to “A view from on high.”
  1. Patricia says:

    Awsome blog!
    You really are on the right track!
    So proud of you!

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