2nd to last day

Of course I have the weekend off, but today was one of my last days off before we start back to school full time so where did I go. School of course.
On my way up to school i dropped like 30 shirts at the drycleaners. I like this one particular cleaner and the woman who owns it is the aunt of one of my former students. I believe in keeping money in the community I teach in. On the food tip, I got a foot long turkey on wheat from subway. Not the best thing but it is good for me because instead of just crunching it all down, I saved the second half for dinner! That is a huge behavior change for me so I hope it will help.
Stella and I went back to where we started the other day but I actually was able to get some work done. I have copies for my first week done, new supplies unpacked, and class lists printed. I didn’t want to do anything to permanent because as other teachers that read this know, everything can change in the first week. I am very fortunate to teach in a very wealthy school, and I really feel almost guilty when they give me a catalog and let me order just about anything. Considering my upbringing and the schools I have worked in before, it is difficult for me to spend money just to do so. However, thanks to the taxpayers for my new hot plates (replace broken ones), electronic balances (more accurate than the old ones), and some other random little stuff that will actually help me teach better.

School supplies!

School supplies!

Stella enjoyed her day playing tennis ball fetch on the newly waxed lab floors while I did my work.

Stella works to hold onto the ball

Stella was tired from all the running.

Trying to play keep away.

When we left school the skies opened up again confirming my choice not to ride today.
Stella and I then stopped by the shop to pick up my brakes for the Indy fab I am building. We got to hang around the shop for a little bit because they were dead.
On the way home I was reminded about the the megamillions lottery. I usually abstain from paying what i feel is a tax on the mathematically challanged, but what the hell?

We somehow floated across the river in the huge storm and made it home so she could rest and I could work on the bike.
I am a big fan of my rival and force shifters but running new cable is a nightmare. I can recable an entire bike on the side of the road if I need to, but the rear rival shifter took me almost an hour and a visit to the park tool repair help site to make sure I was doing it right. After being full of piss and vinigar when a brake and cable install turned into a 2 hour job, the lady and I decided to hit up the movies.

There were a ton of folks there for final destination and some other stuff, but funny people was more or less empty. Sure it has been out for a month but it was really really empty in there. If you have not watched it yet, get out there because it is a good movie. Some jokes got old but there were some gems in there.

I know part of this blog is to work on mr losing weight but there were a few jokes about how funny a skinny Seth Rogan looks. I think it is true and when I lost a bunch of weight one time I thought I looked funny but I would rather look funny then deal with all of the medical problems that come along with being fat.


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