Old head…wanna race?

That comes out of the mouth of a kid while riding home in a neighborhood that I probably should not even be riding in. The kids just realized I was riding slowly behind them waiting for my time to jump and pass them out to avoid any issues. I have taught and lived in enough rough neighborhoods that I know how the spandex clad roadie versus bored kids “whellin” down the street usually goes and lets just say it did not look like it would go my way. When the kids focused on me, I saw the chance to jump and run a red light to keep them well separated from me, not because I could not take these kids, I just do not want to give them the opportunity to make bad decisions.

I was in their neighborhood trying to take a short cut home to make it in time for dinner that the lady was making. She made some encrusted tofu cutlets with peas. I put a bit of the infamous Chinese chili sauce on it, and it was amazing.

This morning I decided to kind of flip my day. I was up early, and the lady was out on her errands. When that happens, I usually hit the road or the trails, but I have had this basement project in my mind for the week and I was almost done, so I decided to work on the basement and my bike and go ride later. That worked well and the main part of the basement is now clean and getting ready to be painted. It has to dry and be dust free for a bit before I can put down any paint.

After cleaning the basement and trying to work on the bike, I decided that a trip to the shop was in order because I needed two frame fittings and some new shifter cables because I ruined one in my disaster of an install yesterday. After a quick trip across the bridge to transfer the coins found while cleaning the basement and pick up some bike supplies, I picked up the lady and we went to meet some friends for bowling and good times.

We played pass the baby for a while. Mac is a good time as he can scream like a dino and he likes to dance to the funky beats. Also…. he is the cutest thing ever.

Mac and his mom
Mac and Uncle Pat

Mac and "Uncle" Pat

In the first game I think Mac and his blue eyes had a spell on me because I barely broke 100. In the second game I got some fuel in the form of a tofu and hummus sandwich and only a few of the great tots and ended up bowling a 144. That is one of my better games in a while.

Back to the food…I also pulled some of the bread out of the bun. I had a total of 6 tots from that plate and none with ketchup, which for me…. hot damn that is a behavior change. God…I am becoming one of those folks. Hopefully becoming one of those folks will make me more fit.

The lady wanted to stop at Rita’s and I figured it would be alright. I actually opted for kid’s sized Alex’s Lemonade flavor. A few weeks ago, I would have had a regular or large gelato. You don’t have to be a nutritionist to understand the difference between those two.

We got home and I immediately went to the basement to use the parts I picked up earlier. I got all of the cables and housings installed, but it is not totally dialed in. Hopefully there will be many miles ahead of us and the one day delay will not make that much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. I gave myself an hour and a half to work on the bike before I had to get out to ride and enjoy the last few hours of sunlight. I got a pretty nice ride in. I went up to Forbidden Drive in the Wissahickon valley. I love that I can have a dirt road ride while still in the city. I am a country boy at heart, and I need time in the woods to stay balanced. I felt good on most of the ride, except for the headwind on MLK Drive. I got to ride a few climbs and get some good downhills in. I guess the storm was pretty bad last night, as I found a bike in a downed tree.

I am glad that bike fit me so well, and had a familiar water bottle on it.

Like I said before, I took a detour on the way home, but felt quick and healthy the whole way home. Hopefully I will get more hours on the bike this fall.

Here is a picture of the ride. Unless you are a pretty hard person, or very quick and nimble, I do not recommend taking miles 15-20 on your own.

If you want some inspiration to ride more, check out this girl’s ride.

One Response to “Old head…wanna race?”
  1. Patricia says:

    Did you seriously not have KETCHUP?
    OMG! You are livin strong!
    I love reading your blog!

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