Thats It!

So today is the last day of summer for me.  Sure I have next Friday and Monday off, but really today was it! I had a good summer, and the last few weeks have been what I needed to get ready to go back to school. I started off my day with something new to try. I decided to put on my new Vans slip on socks. When I heard about them, I thought they were a cop out, but I love wearing Van slip ons, but I hate the pain that is involved in them. If you wear them, you know what I am talking about. Granted they look like girl socks, or something a grandmother would wear, but after wearing my slip ons most of the day, I have to say that they felt pretty comfortable. Now if there were only some padding in the heal because they always hurt my achelies from walking around.

Girly Vans Socks

Girly Vans Socks

The socks dont stick out too much.

The socks don't stick out too much.

Sorry I did’nt flip that last image, but as you can see, the socks do not stick out so much from the slip ons.  By the way…those are white on canvas checkers. They are pretty sweet! I wore them for a good portion of the day, and I have to say that my only complaint was a bit of slippage in the heal. I can deal with that on slip ons, but that is not acceptable in boots. Luckily…these are slip on specific socks!

As I have posted about before, the lady is on a new kick of cooking food, which goes along great with my desire to eat right. Today I was tasked with sourcing the ingrediants for the meal she was going to make. I decided that the Man in Black (my Surly crosscheck) was the perfect tool for this event, as I was going to pick up some other groceries and I could use the CEMTA rack and rear paniers to my advantage.

On the way to the grocery store I stopped by Fuzzy’s (He is professional now and goes by Brian, but he is Fuzzy to me) shop called Bicycle Revolutions. I work at a shop sometimes, but I need advise from others once in a while. I want to put a new bar on the Man in Black, and Fuzzy is the guy to go to for that.

It was great to see that the shop was busy at early afternoon on a Monday. That is always a good sign. I got to shoot the breeze with the guys and look at all the pretty bikes in the shop.

Pretty Bikes

Pretty Bikes

Their shop is way different than where I work, so it is nice to get back to the urban shop once in a while. You will not find carbon doodads in here, just city stuff that is tough and reliable and a cool dog that is hard to get a picture of.

Well the grocery store was not as bad as I would have thought, but tying to build a spice collection is expensive. This is going to be alike a $30 pot of stew. I am glad that I rode to the store as well. It is a behavior I have to get back into, and it also got me out in the great weather for a quick 10 miles through the city.

Most of the rest of the day I spent on the phone getting some stuff in order, and catching up on stuff before I had to head back to school. I also cleaned more of the house. Like I said, I have made a mess of where I live for a long time now, and have never really had the time to clean it. One major focus was getting my desk back to something I could actually work on or near. I realized over the summer that I work better at a desk, and working on my laptop just does not work. Due to the portability and vesrsitility of my laptop, I can pretend to slack off and work just about anywhere I want to. This is not really the best thing for me. I decided that I needed to have a desk top computer again, and that I really liked the older iMac G4s that I used at UPenn. I went on eBay and saw that they were going for like $150. I bid on a few and ended up “winning” one. After some shipping issues, I finally had this computer so I could get back to working at a desktop. I just needed to make room for the computer, and maybe some room so that I could work at the desk. Here is the result.

I think it looks pretty good, and it is something I can work at. If I slack off, I have the Gorilla Biscuits mascot from Super 7 watching over me and keeping me on track.

While waiting for the lady to get home, Stella and I got to visit with some of her playmates in the neighborhood. They got to do their regular rounds of doggie wrestling, which really tired the little girl out.

As I contiued to clean up, the lady put together some amazing stew from the stuff that I picked up earlier. I had that and some bread that was warm when she picked it up.

With that great fuel in me, I went for a ride over to catch up with some of my homeys. We had what seems to be the first of “Fall” river 40s nights. It is essentially some guys who can go to the bar if they want to, but would rather chill with each other sitting next to the river drinking some beers and, talking about babes, bikes, art, etc. I am not a drinker, but it is some of the best company someone can ask for, and it was an amazing night out.

Schuylkill  River South

Schuylkill River South

Amtrack Tower

Amtrack Tower

Random Sampling

Random Sampling

Fuji Fernando

"Fuji" Fernando



Some guys brought a three person sling shot so we could shoot bottles across the river. Don’t worry there were no fish, folks, or tires hurt, since there is nothing over there, and anything that can live in or around the Schuylkill River will not be bothered by some beer bottles.

Ralph shooting the bottle

Ralph shooting the bottle

Hanging with these guys and getting a good little ride in with them was the perfect ending to the summer for me. Old friends, city night rides, and just relaxing and shooting the bull. No stupid pretenses or fake “deep” conversation, just some dudes sitting by the river enjoying the weather.

If you wanted to see my ride around, here you go. I guess I ended up getting another 13 or so miles of city night riding. This is one of my favorite types of rides, and I will miss it so much when I eventually leave the city behind.


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