Allentown Fair and late night bike polo.

Friday was sort of a waste in the respect that I did not get much done at all as far as working out. I did a bunch of schoolwork, and the dog and I went for a decent walk, but no real work on the bike. I was getting ready to go for a ride and was almost out the door when the lady emailed me and said she was getting out of work early. We have been kicking around the idea of going to the Allentown Fair for a few days or so, and we decided to head up on Friday afternoon. We decided to leave from her work instead of her heading back to the city only to head back out. That is sort of a nightmare on a Friday and even worse on a holiday Friday.

I drove out to meet her at the King of Prussia mall, as it is not far from her work. The trip out there was about average time, since I know a bunch of back routes that put me on roads that travel at a constant speed instead of the nightmare that is the Schuylkill expressway. After leaving the mall, we were stuck for a while trying to drive down a two lane road. It took about 30 minutes to drive less than 2 miles. That is where we decided to call it a night and went back to the mall. As much as I hate it there, we should spend more time together, so we walked around the mall for a bit.  After I left, I made it home with enough time to get some work done on my bike and the rest of the never-ending basement project.

Saturday morning was spent cleaning the house and working on my car. I needed new headlights after my ride home from Delaware last week. I took a nice long walk to the parts store and noticed a strange bike. It had two really trashy looking spoke covers. It caught my attention, but just thought it was a crackheads bike, as they are not rare in my hood. On the way back through is when I figured it out because at Wawa, there was a bike locked up with a bunch of polo mallets on it and I realized that these “crackhead” bikes were in town for the polo championships that I had placed in the back of my mind. I put it on my long list for the weekend to get a chance to check this thing out.

I needed to finish the task at hand, and I was able to complete the job with only attracting one neighbor to the job site. My neighbors are mostly car folks and they can hear a hood opening. That is the invitation to talk about anything that may be on their mind, which is rarely what I am interested in, but in this neighborhood, a short conversation goes along way.

We used today to finally get up to the fair since it was on our list for quite a while. We made the drive up in much better fashion than we would have yesterday. We got a sweet parking spot and headed in and this is where the fun begins.

Both of us enjoy fairs for the crappy food, people watching, and opportunities for great pictures. We were shooting just about everything, as there is great subject matter and visuals at county fairs.



Italian Sausages

They are also fun because who cannot have fun at a fair? We spent our time shooting pictures and hanging with the animals. We were also hunting all of the girls that were wearing the “rocker” cowboy hat. You know the one. The hat that some of the ladies have that sits on the side of the bed, or in the closet behind glass with a reminder to not break glass unless you need to rock out, or go to a country show.



Tonight was like a night of broken glass on the hat protectors, as many of the ladies that we saw were ready for a night of rocking out at the country show. Don’t get me wrong, some of them look good with them, but others…ooof.

There were males rocking the hat, but theirs is slightly different. The rocker cowboy hat on the males is used to denote a night of drinking hard after the workweek and looking at the purdy ladies and is often accessorized with a spit bottle and a shirt to make Ted Nugent proud. It is akin to gang members’ bandanas as in it announces a membership in a certain group, and the intended events for the evening. It is there is nothing wrong with any of these behaviors, but what I am having the issue with is why do we need the equivalent of a poseur cowboy hat to have a good time at the country show or the bar.

In between hinting the poseur cowboy hats, we did get to see all the fun county fair stuff like the food, the agriculture displays, midway, and the animals, but my camera died. I will add some from the lady’s camera. Not quite as amazing as the Bloomsburg Fair that is coming up at the end of the month, but still a great night out.

We made it home from the fair in time for me to head over to the hardcourt polo alley cat and party. I realy had to hustle over to the race, and I guess I missed it. I could not find any couriers hanging around and I did not have the inside track on this one since I didn’t even know about this till early this morning. I rode around town and ran into some friends who were walking around town, which was a nice suprise. I rode around a bit and headed back to my hood. I took an alternative to my normal route, and ended up finding some hardcourt players heading for the party.

The party, and all of the weekend events were really close to my house, which is nice and convienent for me. This party was on the first night of all of the festivities. As usual, the party was the finish line of the alley cat. There was bike parking in the enclosed loading dock at the party spot. That was a really good idea and pretty sweet because there were folks watching them all night. There were some interesting bikes in there.

Front Wheel cover

Got my eye on you

Got my eye on you

On the inside, there was a probably the biggest art space I have ever been in with tons of stuff from local artists.

Art Space

Art Space

Samuri in RIttenhouse Square

Samuri in RIttenhouse Square

The Philadelphia Brewing Co, who brews and bottles their beer about five blocks from the party, provided some libations to keep the crowd well lubricated. $5 or your weekend wristband got you some drinks, and a bunch of food. Great way to represent philly.

Philly Brewing Company attracts them all.

Philly Brewing Company attracts them all.

I was flying solo, but I ran into a good friend who used to be a wrench at our shop, who is now a frame builder for Bilinky Cycles. Carl and I got chance to geek about about bikes and other stuff for most of the night, which was pretty much what I needed. Carl is heading out to the single speed worlds, and I am sure he is going to do well.

Cyclists dont only have strong legs.

Cyclists don't only have strong legs.

Ready for War.

Ready for War.

After picking up some sweet swag, I headed home to get some sleep for a long day the next day.


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