First day back

This morning started a bit later than i wanted to but i got to work on time. My goal is to make it early most of the time this year. We will see how that works. The day was mostly uneventful. I got to meet all of my new freshmen and was able to catch up with some upperclassmen that I have known for a few years now. I don’t know if I say it enough, but I really like where I work and I know how blessed I am to work in such a great place. Any job can get someone down sometimes, but this place is amazing.
After school I rushed over to west Philly to work with the gearing up ladies, but Kristin forgot to tell me they were working on Thursday not Tuesday. I can’t say I was happy, but with how busy she is, I can forgive her.
I took the lemons of gettting stood up and made some lemonaid by hitting the gym for the first time in over a month. I don’t want to be too sore for tomorrow, so I did the following:
Split squats 135lbs x16reps 3 sets
Dumbell bench press 35lbs x 16 reps 3 sets
Front squat and press 95lbs 8 reps 3 sets
Front and rear lat pull down 75lbs 16 reps each 3 sets.
Lawnmowers 25lbs 16 reps 3 sets.
Cable punches 50 lbs 16 reps each arm 2 sets.
Crunch n toss 8 lb ball 32 times.
I just wanted to get in the gym and sweat. I did all of those more or less back to back. I want to get on a regimine, but I have so many exercises in my head from my years of coaching I can get a good workout done with just a brief thought on the way through the gym doors. I know I will have to make a plan to see a real change, but this point, anything will help. I will probably hit the gym again tomorrow since it looks like rain.

this was a sculpture in a wall at the bike church.

One Response to “First day back”
  1. Patricia says:

    Good for you… and lemonade is yummy!
    Just kidding … but sometimes lifes disappointments lead to something much better
    I love the sculpture too… reminds me of pergutory~ strange!

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