Back to school Night

Uhh! I guess I can not complain after talking about how great my school is. I really like it, but nights like these…they make me nervous and totally throw me off. I can talk to a group of a thousand adolescents, but adults…forget it! Especially the ones that are technically paying my bills. I am not a big fan of these nights, but we have great parents so I can not complain too much.
I did not think that it was worth it to drive home just to drive back out here, so I stayed at school and made sure my room looked good. I cleaned up and put everything away with the new bio teacher. Maybe she will make sure that I clean everyday. We shall see.
Along the way in cleaning up, I lost my keys. I searched everywhere and probably blew almost an hour looking for my classroom keys. Our science teacher classroom keys open everything in the science wing, and you need them to get through a day. I was freaking out and could not find them for the life of me. I ended up leaving to go get dinner because I was starving and going to be stuck there till at least 9. When I came back I checked to see if the fitness center was open as I wanted to get a workout in before the parents arrived. It was, but I could not go and workout with out the stupid keys. I went back to look for them only to discover that they were in the door to a back office. That sounds a bit more obvious than it was, as this office door was open as it often is, thus blocking the view of the keys. I must have had my hands full when heading into the room and could not get the keys out. Doh!
After I found the keys, I hurried up to get ready for the gym before they closed it. I had the entire fitness center to myself for my workout. Tonight I decided to do a whole body workout in the vein of incredibly high reps with low weight. I only had an hour, but I was going to kill myself for it. This is the workout:
35reps deadlift 135lbs
50 pullups/dips (combo) with weight assist.
50 pushups.
135lbs 30reps “bench hold” oblique crunch. This is where you hold a bar up like you were at the top of a bench press, but instead of bringing it to your chest, you hold it there and touch your toes to the plates, bring your toes to center, then touch the opposite plates. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is sort of like this.
leg raises
50 (25 each arm) lawnmowers 20lbs.
50 3 foot tall box jumps.
I had to get back to my room to cool down/take a shower before the parents got there. I was thrilled that I got to workout and was cool and clean by the time they got there.
The night went well and we had the normal extra large turn out. It is great to have that many, because I have been in schools where no one would show up, so I can not complain too much.
I did see some amazing bikes today, as some of the stuff is being leaked before interbike. I will write about some of that stuff tomorrow!

One Response to “Back to school Night”
  1. patricia says:

    Sounds like a great day overall!
    I am excited that you like your job so much!

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