Rainy day. What to do.

My boy Carl G. prepping for tonights MSG show with Jay-Z. He used to be a partner in a punk rock club back home that hosted a few legendary shows and some amazing times. I am glad to see someone who did so much for the local scene doing so well.

American Nightmare at the Homebase in Wilkes Barre

American Nightmare at the Homebase in Wilkes Barre photo: The Devine Miss M

We all know what today is, and I think I still think it is a bit crazy that not only has all of this time past, but I still do not believe what happened so many years ago. I stood in the library of a school I used to teach at with the librarian and the principal of the school. The news was on and we thought there was an accident at the towers until we saw the second one hit and we knew that everything was different now. I went and made the copies I had planned on making, but I knew I was not going to use these. I watched the towers fall with my classes, and we got out of school shortly after. One thing I relayed to my students this rainy morning was how amazing the weather was on that day. They thought I was strange for talking about weather when something so tragic happened, but for those of us that remember (they were in 1st or 2nd grade), the weather was beautiful. I walked down Broad St. with what seemed like the entire population of the city of Philadelphia due to the subways and trains shutting down. It was just surreal. My roommate and girlfriend went to the art museum steps to just look over the city and think about how different tomorrow would be. We did not know what was coming next. Just a really strange feeling, and it feels like yesterday. If you would like, you can check out the video that some students and staff made for today.
We had some Indian food delivered for dinner. This one restersunt has a Friday delivery special and with the weather as it is today, delivery was nice to have. It was much less expensive than the place we usually go, and to be honest…it reflected it. The portion sizes were smaller which is good for a guy like me, but it simply did not taste as good as our standard Indian place which was sort of a bummer.

While eating dinner, the TV show extra was on. They had a video log of Mario Lopez training for the Malibu triathlon. He is no doubt in good beach shape, but I am not sure how strong he is. They showed him riding a mid nineties trek y-frame with spinergy wheels. I think he bought this bike with part of a paycheck from Saved by the Bell.

Mario Training. I am sure he can afford a new bike...maybe even one for tri!

Mario Training. I am sure he can afford a new bike...maybe even one for tri!

There are a bunch of celebs in the Malibu tri, but one of my favorites is Terry Hatcher. I have been a sucker for her since the Superman show back in the 90s. She actually does ride a bunch and it looks like she has some clue about her bike, but we gotta get rid of those reflectors.

Terry Hatcher. Umm...I did not even notice the Micky Mouse Shrub behind her.

Terry Hatcher. Umm...I did not even notice the Micky Mouse Shrub behind her.

I think I blogged about wanting the new iPod nanno the other day. I headed out for it, and they were not in the retail stores which really sucked! Well I ended up getting it tonight. I got the orange 16gb. It worked out financially since i saved for an airport express which did not work as I had hoped so that got returned. I then used some very small bike shop checks, a crap load of change i found while cleaning and the raise i got today to offset most of it. I will pass my old one on to a loved one, so it does not end up in a junk drawer and I can make someone happy to have a new free iPod. I guess that covers most of it.
We went to the book store to read some magazines and avoid sitting around the house on a Friday night. When we got here we realized that we missed Lynda Carter! That is a huge bummer. I guess not too much so because we didn’t know she was going to be here, but running into wonder woman in the book store would be really cool. I wonder where she parked the jet….I couldn’t see it…comic humor I guess.


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