Bridging the gap.

Sometimes I sort of feel like a conduit. I have always bridged the world between different parts of my life that seemed like they were about as far removed from each other as possible. I was the high school football player who was also a vegetarian and punk rock kid. I would go to serve mass as an alter boy with ringing in my ears from the hardcore show the night before. I don’t drink, but hardly ever have a problem shutting down a bar with some really drunk friends. I guess there is something to be said about my Gemini sign.

Today was another one of those days. I am a fan of road racing and more or less every type of cycling discipline and everything that goes along with that, but I also appreciate the courier lifestyle and what that brings as well. Often these two circles do not meet in any serious fashion, but I go between the two seamlessly. Today made that conduit feeling ever more apparent.

Again we had a nice start to our Saturday, as it was still pretty crappy out. It was raining/misting on and off all morning so we just kind of hung out because the lady had a party to go to later in the day. I wanted to go and check out the Univest race because I was not going to get any time on my personal bike, so watching other folks is a good idea.
We got out to the race to only deal with getting slightly lost, and some persistent drizzle. I had thought that the racers come around more often than was reality. I guess they went out on a 60-mile or so loop and then did about 10 laps in town. Due to the road and weather conditions, the lady and I had about an hour to stand around and watch the big screen broadcast the race.

We ran into some friends and just took redic photos of the larpers that were there and some other stuff.

I was happy to get my hands on some revolution wheel works wheels. These are American made wheels right here from the cradle of liberty. They are going to be under my two favorite cyclocross racers this season and I am excited to hear what they have to say about them.

We only got to see a few minutes of actual cyclists ride by because the lady needed to be back downtown to head out for her night. I did happen to get some pictures along the way before we had to hit the road, but you will have to use the flickr tool at right to see all of them.

Bicycle Racists

Bicycle Racists

I really want a replica of a team car. It would be so cool if they made models of the team cars with bikes and all of the cool stuff on them. I think they are so neat, and since I cannot ride quickly, I can always drive one of these awesome machines.

Garmin Car

Garmin Car

SRAM Red tried to kill me!

SRAM Red tried to kill me!

Last week, I wrote about my night at the Philly naked bike ride and all of the crazy stuff that was going on there. Well as the naked guy was fixing his flat, my friend Charles was filming the whole thing. Charles uploaded the video on YouTube, and the bike snob picked up the video and made some comments. My fat hairy gorilla chest appears in the video, and the guy is using all of my tools to fix his bike, so in the last month I have been Internet post famous on two blogs.
Fat Cyclist
Bike Snob.
I guess I have to make it to the AHTBM or some other bike blog site to complete the trifecta for the month. Maybe that can happen!

Somewhere through the day I got a tweet from my buddy about a track bike trick video premier at tattooed moms later in the day. I thought this sounded like a fun night, and something that the lady would probably not enjoy, so since she was away, I decided to head out to TMs. Along the way, I tried out my new iPod Nano and here is the video I shot. Sorry it is upside down, but that is what you get trying new things.

I got to moms and  I was a bit early. I should know how courier time works, but last time I tried to show up late, it bit me in the ass. Since I was early, I tried to use my phone to actually avoid interacting with strangers at a bar, but as I searched around, I realized that I left it on the windowsill back home. Doh!

I stood around inside for a bit, but was uncomfortable because there was like no one there, which is strange for a Saturday night, so I split to go and watch the freak show on south street.
Almost as soon as I got out there, I ran into the folks I was supposed to meet and we adjourned back into the bar. We got to talk about some random stuff including the bike messenger worlds that are coming up in a few weeks.

Nando is party!

Nando is party!

The video finally started, and to be honest, the heckling of the guys in the video was much better than the video. I come from a background of skate and BMX videos, and this video was not quite the quality I am used to. The music was sort of ok, but not a cutting edge as some other videos. Also, most of the fixed gear tricks are all the same. They go into a wheelie, do a bar spin, ride backwards, and then 180 out of it. Almost every one of the riders did this exact thing. Also, a bunny hop of five inches is not very impressive, as my big ass does that on my commuting bike. There were also some scenes of them just riding down hills in California. I understand that riding down hills on a track bike is difficult, but so is passing corn…neither should be on a video, but unfortunately someone thinks it is a good idea for it. I am sorry that is my opinion, and a few folks in the room seemed to feel the same way. If you look in the upper left hand side of the picture, you will see the bottom of original Shepard Fairey Andre the Giant Obey poseters.

Surlyriding in the sink.

Surlyriding in the sink.

Some girl knocked the DVD player to the ground while trying to head back to the bar, and I was secretly very happy about it, and I was not alone in that thought. Two other folks did the same thing, but some folks were persistent enough to put the video back on. We eventually went and sat back in the main room of the bar since the video room was smoky and the video…well…sort of sucked.

I did take some pictures while there, and a few came out alright.

While at Tattooed moms, a former Philly courier Stu came in. He is working on a book called barred for life. It is a photo essay of people around the world who have tattoos of the Black Flag bars. If you know anyone who has these as a tattoo and wants to be involved in the book, contact Stu through this link.

I headed out a little early since I felt naked with out my phone, and I needed to rest up for the next day at Bike Philly.

Late at night I turned on the tube and watched nitro circus. In one of the scenes, one of the crewmembers is getting hit in the face with cake shot from a slingshot. This guy just so happens to be wearing a sword hat from FBM.

A former Philly guy, John Paul (the one with the beard in the link), works for those guys and it got me thinking of their stuff, and him. This somehow led to me thinking about my old roommate Joey P, who is working for traitor cycles these days. It is great to see these former BMX guys “growing up” and getting sweet jobs in the industry they love. These are the guys we need to support when we make our bike purchases.


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