Workin’ it.

I am ready to go to bed, and even though I am hella tired, but I gotta get this one out so I can get back on the wagon. I have been away and very busy for the better part of a week and I have a bunch of other blog posts swirling around in my head, but I will do my best to get them out as soon as I can, so for my like 8 readers, hold on, I will be back with a few more detailed posts soon! I really want to get this post out there because I need to get back on the stick with fundraising for Austin! I sent out the dreaded beggars spam yesterday and I got a few back that were bounced back for bad addresses, but I did get two folks who hate cancer as much as I do to make donations. That is worth it for some spam. They are folks I would never normally ask, and I am grateful for them!

In order to raise additional funds for the Livestrong Foundation, I am teaming up with a fellow science teacher, blogger, cyclist, and a pretty cool person to do a raffle that will hopefully raise enough money for us so that we can both go to Austin.

Read our little ditty below!

Two members of team Fat Cyclist (Philly) decided that there was unfinished business after the Philly Livestrong Challange. They decided to add their muscle to the cancer fight at the Livestrong Challenge in Austin. In order to make it to Austin, they need your help through making donations to their respective battles. To sweeten the deal for you, they are offering a chance to win some sweet bike swag. For every $5 donation to their pages, you are entered in a raffle for bike stuff that made these two riders stick out at the Philly livestrong ride.
Jenni (aka “Bling Fatty”)  is raffling off a pair of her famous pink tires. She was definitely the only person out there riding on pink tires and everyone asked where to get them- these tires were generously donated by Bob at  Here is your chance to have the brightest tires ever made! They are Dia Gran Compe SS open tubular tires 700x23C, but more importantly they are SEXY. If you want to win these sweet tires, donate to Jenni’s page at and visit her blog ( for more cool bike stuff from Bob.

Pat had the opportunity to take Fatty around Philadelphia for some errands and other adventures the day before the Livestrong Philly ride. He was recognized for his city navigation skills that were no doubt honed while riding as a bike messenger for a few years. Pat also wore a white and pink Specialized helmet to make sure he matched his team Fatty kit. Now is your chance to win a brand new Specialized S-Works level helmet (your color and size depending on stock) or a $100 gift certificate for RELoad bags ( so you can have your choice of one of these amazing bags that are handcrafted in Philadelphia by real cyclists or a really sweet helmet! . You can donate to Pat’s page at Check out his blog for some random cycling thoughts and pictures.

Jenni and I fueling up at the Philly Livestrong ride.

Jenni and I fueling up at the Philly Livestrong ride.

If you feel so inclined, you can donate to the livestrong ride by clicking our links above!

To raise even more money for the Livestrong foundation, I am also throwing The Triple “Krown” of Kensington cyclocross series. This is going to be on the 7th, 14th, and 21st of October under the lights at Cione park. It is an alley cat like cross race with urban features and a mostly grass track. This will be tons of fun, and I will keep you updated on how awesome it will be! I really think we will raise some serious money from these races and have a ton of fun in the process.

Speaking of Cione park, when I was coming home tonight I heard that there was a traffic tieup near my house with police activity. We have police activity, but it is usually something silly. I really didn’t hit any abnormal traffic, and I did not see anything strange until I saw the news helicopter buzzing as I was walking the dog. When we were finishing our walk, we discovered what all of the commotion was about. There were three cars smashed together more or less on the sidewalk, and part way though the fence of the park. From what the neighbors say, the guy in the green car was flying up Aramingo ave and crashed into the red car, which was parked, but was turned around and hit a tree, then the green car smashed the black car. The driver of the green car had a DUI suspension and died at the scene. I am sorry for his family, but have no remorse for drunk drivers at all. They sicken me, and I am glad he did not hurt many other folks.

The old guy there is the owner. The car was parked because he was watching football practice. This car probably saved not only his life, but also those who were practicing behind the fence.

The old guy there is the owner. The car was parked because he was watching football practice. This car probably saved not only his life, but also those who were practicing behind the fence.

The guy in the green car is reported to not have made it. From the looks of it, it was a smokey one.

The guy in the green car is reported to not have made it. From the looks of it, it was a smokey one.

This always gets me thinking about how safe I can be on the road, and how others just don’t really care at all.

Speaking of which, my neighbors house is currently a crime scene and there is a patrol car parked on my block to keep the peace since one of my neighbors stabbed someone tonight in an argument over a stolen cell phone. Both are welfare leaches who deal drugs and now they are costing me more of my tax dollars because they are now in an emergency room and maybe headed to jail. It just makes me sick.

On a lighter note, Interbike is going on this week, so I get to see all of the stuff that I want now, that I will probably get around to owning in a few years. One of the better things I have seen so far is the bike below. It is only about a grand, and in my opinion is more functional than many of the other cargo bikes plus they are an American brand. Click on the picture to check them out.

How cool are these bikes? Click the image!

How cool are these bikes? Click the image!

I am also excited about the new Chris King stuff. I just know this stuff works, and it makes me happy to see a company that continues to grow and make great stuff. Now I can get two bottom brackets from them since they make them for my bike!

I am also excited for their new hubs as well.

New King road hubs picture from

New King road hubs picture from

I would love to build those up with some revolution rims! Can you see me drool from there?

I will continue to click around the internet to see the rest of the jewels that come around every year at interbike time!

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  1. liberty! says:

    you’re back! awesome….
    i need tospend more time digging through blogs……

    ‘shall return!

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