Who is calling me a Hill Billy?

I guess I should finally commit to racing cyclocross this season. There is nothing stopping me except for the fact that I hate paying $30 to wake up at 5 on the weekends to race to my usual bottom 10%. The fun of cross is not the in the heavy breathing, or the blurry dismounts, it is in the “family” that springs up around these things. Today was not much different. I checked out the Hillbilly Hustle over in New Jersey while the lady went shopping for Wedding tour 2k9 (three weddings in 5 weeks!).

It was nice to just wake up and do what I wanted to do and then roll over to the race. I got to see some friends and by the time I was done BSing, the first race was over and I was going to drop some fliers for the Triple Crown of Kensington Cross Series around the course and on the cars in the parking lot. I really hope folks show up to this thing.

I got to talk to some friends and others about my race, and people seem to really be into it, so it should go well.

After passing out a bunch of fliers, I headed off to some cool photo spots in the woods. While waiting in one of my spots, I had some time before the racers got there, which provided just enough time to kick up all the mosquitos. That was amazing! I got a bunch of good pics and I was able to heckle folks for a few minutes. The fun in shooting pictures is heckling while doing it. It really changes the idea of the photog being a passive observer. I did manage to get a pretty sweet pic of Jordy coming around. He looks like he is killing it in this picture.


I left the mosquito homestead and found another great spot to shoot from on top of a really old piece of plumbing. I got a few good shots from up this high, but for some reason every picture of Drew was blurry. I guess he was going fast till he dropped his chain!


I finally made it around to the mud pit, and I think I scared some uptight photog away with my heckling and sideline coaching because he bolted pretty much as soon as I tried to talk to him. Who cares because again, I found the sweet spot and got a few good shots and some folks wanting to kill me. I got one of Lenny the former President of the Penn Cycling Team. I am not sure if he is laughing at me, or grinning because the dyed in the wool roadie realized that he can ride the mud.


The fast line was really straight through the mud, but this stuff was deep and if you were going slower than redlining, you were not going to make it. The best riding of the mud has to go to West Chester, NY’s own because he came in at an angle and was able to keep up after looking like he might take a fast digger in the mud.This is my favorite picture of the day. I really wish I had a lower angle at it, but I was standing on a few rotten tree stumps to get this close.

mud fall

I knew that the end was near, so I headed over to the main race area to get a few more shots. This guy from my former Alma mater had the race of the day since he got to the start line almost 2 minutes after everyone left, but still ended up having a great showing.


The cyclocross officials (gestapo) made us aware that taking a beer feed was against the rules. Screw em.

beer me

I hung out for a bit afterwards, but for whatever reason, this race is set up where all the classes go off an hour from eachother which makes for a really long day. I had other fish to fry, so I headed out, but not before dropping off a few more fliers.

I stopped at the local farmstand for some apples and cider. The nectar of the gods. This is how I get ready for fall by drinking cider and eating apples.

I got home and promptly got ready to go try out my commuting idea to school. It was a fun ride, and I can do it pretty quickly and I am excited to be able to ride so much more now that the route is simplified and slightly flatter. I traded about 10 sort of annoying climbs for two or three major climbs, which I think is a nice way to break the ride up.

When I got back from my ride, the lady and I just kind of planned for the rest of the week while I packed my bike for the morning commute. Pretty good fall Sunday.


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