Nicest Person in Philly Cycling

In a previous post I said something to the effect that Kelly Cline is the nicest guy in Philly cycling. I had some people say that they think I am off the mark, and there are others that should get that moniker. I give it to Kelly because of a few interactions Ive had with him including one where he was cheering his butt off for all of the Philly riders no matter if he knew them or not in a cat 3/4 cross race in B-more as he was warming up for his race. Not many crossers are going to do that for their city brethren.
When I think of some of the nice guys in Philly Cycling, I guess some others that pop right in are Joel, Fuzzy (Brian when we are all adults), and Big Ed. Make some comments about who you think it is, and maybe we can have Battle Royal for the nicest guy of nice guys.


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