Win an IBIS and a trip to ride it!

WOW. Fatty has released a rediculos prize on all of us. For $5, you can enter for a chance to win just about any Ibis bike you want and a ride with Fatty, Mystery rider (Me thinks it is Floyd!), and Chuck Ibis. This is a crazy contest and I want to win it myself, but I would also like if you took a shot at winning this prize. Lets get fatty to the front and let him sweep all of the events for the Livestrong Challenge in Austin, TX.

Here are the details from his site.

The Details

Entering this contest is easy. And here are the rules.

  • The contest begins now (October 13) and goes through Midnight (MDT) October 20.
  • For every $5.00 you donate at this LiveStrong Challenge Page, you get a chance at winning this incredible bike / trip / ride with Chuck and Fatty and the Mystery Man. Just click here to donate, make your donation in multiples of $5.00, and you’re automatically entered.
  • If you are a member of Team Fatty Austin, every $5.00 you raise on your OWN LiveStrong Challenge page between now and the end of October 20 gets you a chance at this prize.
  • The date of the trip depends on finding a day that works with your schedule, my schedule, Chuck’s schedule, and the Mystery Man’s schedule.
  • Where we go: This has to be somewhere in the U.S., with reasonable access to an airport. And Chuck, the Mystery Rider, and I seriously do have veto power. If we don’t want to go somewhere, we won’t. But if you can make a case for mountain biking in Ohio, more power to you. We’ll listen.
  • You can select any Ibis bike, except the Mojo HD.
  • We’ll box the bike after the ride and ship it by UPS to you. If you want to get it sooner than we’re willing to pay, or if you want to fly it home with you, you’ll need to cover those costs.
  • If you live outside the contintental US and win the bike, it is your responsibility to get into the US; we’ll fly you the rest of the way.
  • Customs and taxes for the bike are your own problem.
  • The prize for this contest is exactly the things listed here. If it’s not explicitly mentioned, it’s not part of the prize. In other words, your hotel is your own problem. As are your meals. Although we might foot the bill for burritos afterward. Because we’re like that.

Go and donate. $5 is a very small price to pay for a chance of a lifetime!


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