The rain got the best of us.

Well. I got ready and had a great course ready to go, but really deep down, I knew that no one was going to show up and I was correct. I would not have gone out in that sort of weather no matter how much I like to race my bike. I have skipped rides in better conditions, so I don’t totally blame folks for  skipping out. I did have one guy show up, and I give him major props for being ready to go if others were there.

I hate to have another change, but we are going back to Wednesdays. That is what works for me, and with the time the sun has been going down, I think that people appreciate riding under the lights in a race format more than trying to rush to beat the dusk. Thursday night is also the national showing of Race across the sky. I feel that this is a major moment for Mountain biking, and I would like to support it, so come out to the movies with me!

I am also headed to Texas on Friday, and I want to make sure I am ready Thursday night, and I think the movie will be much better for me than the race, so with that said, we are going next Wednesday (21st) and the Wednesday (28th) after that. All I can do is apologize if anyone thinks there is something wrong with my choice. The only way to make yourself unhappy is to try to make everyone else happy.

Dodger fans define heartless and at this moment, the Phils are really trying to keep this silly team in this game.


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