Really nice out

I got out for a ride today on my mountain bike. I picked the single speed and Penny pack to take a quick ride around the woods on a very nice day. It has been a change from the rain and cold that we have had as of late.

Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl

I had a good pace moving along in the woods, but I wanted to stop to take a few pics. The picture above is the mojo that is on my single speed. A few years ago I played Santa Clause for my moms store. She wanted to pay me, but there is no way I could take my moms money. Instead she paid me with this Christmas ornament. I figuered she should live on my bike. She fits right in with the whole bike.

My new twin six bottle looks great on the steed. Before I left the woods, I had to stop at one of the Job Johnnys along the way, and in case you were looking, someone posted this announcement. phone number? phone number?

One thing I noticed around the woods were some trails that were a bit wet. I would usually just turn around because if one part of these are wet, the rest will be, and this stuff turns really nasty quickly. I did notice that the aquestrians thought nothing of bringing their half ton horse through the muck, but those damn mountain bikers are really just tearing it up for everyone!

Leave no trace.

Leave no trace asshole.

I really spent the rest of the time with my family and getting ready for the Austin trip that is coming up this week as well as the Triple Crown of Kensington that is coming up tomorrow.


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