Remember why

I remember why I was so happy to be done with graduate school. Just walking up to this place kind of makes me angry. I felt that myself and members of our class were not treated well, and the whole idea of the place just kind of annoys me. I finished there to prove to myself that I can make it through there, and my degree should be very lucrative in my future. I at least hope so. Needless to say, I was not thrilled to go there this morning for a review session for our last exam. I got to see some very good friends, and the two professors who had the respect to show up were two of my favorites. I left before the third because I do not really get along with her, and I had to head to my friends wedding.

The wedding was near my parents house, so the family piled in the adult car and made the trip north. When we got to town through some snow and other stuff falling from the sky, we stopped by My sister and Bro-inlaws new house. I love that they have a place to call their own, after living in an apartment for the last ten or so years.

As we were running out the door to the wedding, I realized I forgot my camera, but I thought we were going to be late, and I decided to just deal without. Man was I bummed! I knew this was a cool building, and something I would like to shoot since I have been in there before for a concert. I love that I saw Biggie perform in there in like 1995 or ’96. If I knew how cool that was when I was there, I would have savored it more. Anyway, the wedding was great. Lots of friends from the bike shop and bike scene in Philly. The bride managed a few shops around the city, and the groom is a racer around town.

Getting Hitched

Getting Hitched

We were headed out a bit early, as we wanted to visit with my folks, and enjoy some time with the family, but before, we needed to cause some hijinx, or the night would not be complete. Francis and John had tons of fall colored balloons all over the reception, and there is a tradition at the shop of filling some poor souls car with balloons as a gag.

balloon TIme.

balloon time.

It is usually reserved for after our bi yearly super sale, but we had to extend it to the Yomans wedding. This time the unsuspecting Nathan was our mark. We filled the car to the brim with orange and yellow ballons, and from what I hear, he just left them in there to deal with them in the morning.



We spent the rest of the night at the casino. There is not much to do at my parents house these days. Most of my friends are gone, and those that are not have kids and have to stay in a good deal of the time. The casino is a nice diversion, and tossing $15 away is the cost of entertaining ourselves for the night, and with some careful play, it can last all night.


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