Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Tonight is the second night of the Triple Crown of Kensington Cyclocross Series. Belmont cross practice is canceled for tonight and the weather is amazing, so it is time to race some bikes. I hear rumors that we will have a bigger turn out than last time, and there are even some more legit fast folks, and more legit fun folks coming out to make this a good diversion from worrying about the Phils making it to the world series. All of the info is below.

Come and be a king or queen
Come and be a king or queen

Come out to the triple crown of Kensington Cyclocross races. These cyclocross style urban races are going to be held under the lights at Cione Park between Huntington and Lehigh on Aramingo Avenue in beautiful “Port Fishington” over three Wednesdays in October (7th, 14th rain out, 21st, and 28th).

The races are a mix of natural surfaces and pavement/concrete on pretty much a flat course with barriers, twists, turns, and all the fun you can pack into 40 minutes of racing your bike.

All bicycles are able to enter the race, but make sure you and your machine can handle tight turns in grass, sand, and on concrete. All racers will be required to wear a helmet, but the entire risk of the evening is on you.

There is a $5 entry free (BRING CHANGE!) for the race with 50% of the door for each gender going to the winner of the male and female winners, so spread the word because the more racers show up, the greater the purse! Don’t worry ladies; if we do not have a good turn out for your gender, you will still be well compensated for your efforts!

This is a “no class” race, so all “classes” start and finish together, so don’t complain about sandbagging, or racing fast folks because everyone has a chance to win. We will have winners for every evening as well as an overall series winner, so come to all three for a better chance at the overall prize of 20% of all your genders entries for the series! Cold hard cash for some cold hard racing!

Registration starts at 7pm in front of the pool at the corner of Huntington and Aramingo. Racing starts at 8 pm, or as soon as the peawee football team finishes their practice. There is plenty of parking in this neighborhood, and most if it is very safe. There is a beer store across the street, and Wawa a block away for any of your pre or post race needs. Be respectful to the neighborhood and the residents as well as anyone using the park. Remember that this is a park for children, and they may be there, so be on your best behavior. If you are noticeably drunk, you will not be able to race or hang out at the race.

We need course marshals and some cheer sections, so bring your non-racing friends to help out and heckle you as you try to keep the vomit down.

RAIN OR SHINE! Proceeds from the race are donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.


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