Race across the LA ego.

Tonight along with packing and getting sub work ready for my students to do while I am in Austin, I carved out a bit of time to go to see Race Across the Sky. We went to a theater in Jersey since a few members of our mtb team were going to be at that venue.

I saw a few folks that I know from riding around then settled in to watch the movie. The previews were ads for Chris Carmichal and IMBA. They were seperate ads, but played in rotation. I found it funny that the picture they used for CC was from him riding in the rain because we know how much IMBA loves when folks do that!

The Q&A section was a lance shmooze fest, which without him, it would not have been made, so there is nothing I can really say about that. I loved the promoter and how he spoke about his event. It was also cool to have Dave Weins and Travis Brown up on the stage as well. I like both of those guys quite a bit. The MC of the event had a stool start to break right from under him as they were asking the questions at the beginning of the night. He did play it off smooth though I gotta give em credit.

The movie itself was done really well, and it did focus on Lance, but the personal stories that were weaved into the movie really made it worth it. I would honestly like to see a new one where they actually talk to the shlubs pushing their bike up the mountain, but people like to see the star.

Now I totally sound like a Lance hater, but the scene where he gets a flat on his bike and has no idea how to change it is classic. The look of panic in his eyes is priceless, and he had no problem owning up to the fact that he had no idea how to change that flat, which was pretty cool of him.

The event ended with some more Q and A from the pannel, albeit with a new stool for the MC.

I got to see some of my teammates from the MTB team, but could not chat, as I have to pack…..LATER!


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