My own personal race across the sky.

Friday and Thursday were more or less one in the same, as I really did not sleep much at all. I made the mistake of going to school today and then flying later. Dumb move on my part. I should have flown out really early on Friday instead of going to school. As much as I love my students, I was a zombie for the most part.

My flight was at 5 or so, but because I was nervous about my bike box getting through and the lady wanted to get along to NJ, i showed up to the airport at like 2:30.

Upon arrival, I paid my $50 to Southwest, even though the golfer behind me did not have to pay to check his clubs. I think that is sport discrimination, but whatever. I went upstairs to the TSA area and started the wait in line. I like to be the picture of efficiency when I am in line, but I do not know why I walk around in stocking feet holding up my pants while the guy in front of me with more chains than Mr. T. waits till the last minute to get ready to go through the detectors.

While in my wait, I started to hear a very familiar voice, so I looked around to see if I knew anyone in line. I could not find anyone, but this voice was so familiar, I had to figure it out, so I started to cue on it. Eventually I found the TSA worker that was the source of this voice. There he was….Craig Baker, my former courier dispatcher. Craigs voice is unmistakable and it woke me up every morning for a long time with something like…”Mike or Pat. Which one of you is awake? We got a filing from the office down to Federal court.” That does not sound so bad, but when you worked till 2 in the morning at a night club, and you were getting up at 7 to get out in the cold on your bike and the voice coming at you sounds like the most stereotypical 70s radio jock, you can hopefully see how this voice would stick with you.

I had to wait forever for the flight, but luckily I knew, that when in the Philly AP, the place to go is the international terminal. That is where all the good stuff is!

My flight to Nashville was pretty good. I got to nap for a bit and talk to a pretty good guy who was sitting in my row.

When we got to Nashville, I found that we were going to have an hour an a half delay. I spent my time walking around an empty terminal taking pictures and getting in touch with my roomies for the weekend to let them know that I was going to be late.


This amazing shirt could be yours for like $450 bucks or so!

I am not quite so sure about this one.

I guess it depends on the day, but I don't want to be limited!

The flight from Nashville to Austin was not bad. I sat next to a guy who I would imagine is a science teacher, because he so fit the stereotype. I guess it takes one to know one.

When I finally got to Austin, I was happy to see that we were going to be welcome to town. I was also happy to see the familiar face of Jenni and Jamison who I rode the Philly Livestrong ride with and was going to room with for the weekend.

We got back to the room quickly due to Jamison’s driving skills and we just got to talk a bit while I put my bike together and made inappropriate jokes to relative strangers. That is just how I roll. There was talk of doing the 5K run in the morning, and as much as I would love to go, that is really early to wake up for a run that I have not planned for at all.

While unpacking my bike, I found out that I forgot the top cap for my headset, so I must get a new one tomorrow. CRAP.

Maybe tomorrow I will see more of Austin than just the highways and the inside of a hotel room.

One Response to “My own personal race across the sky.”
  1. kennykaos says:

    hey yopu can get around the charge for checking your bike by saying its a rolling sculpture aka art and they cant charge you for it when they check you. did that coming back from the nacccs a couple years ago. just fyi

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