At least it is not on her waist!

So after riding around Austin and visiting some of the sites, we finally had chance to head back to the hotel to crash for a bit. Jamison and I were on our own, as Jenni had a date with Lance Armstrong and a few thousand other folks.

My friend Jim and his girlfriend Andrea had moved to Austin a few months ago, and I wanted to meet up with them so they could show us around town.  

Like good dads, Jamison and I dropped of Jenni and headed back up town to catch the day of the dead parade down 6th street.

The parade was awesome in that I enjoy day of the dead stuff, but also it seemed totally grassroots, and almost illegal which is the way it should be. There were also a ton of bikes. One of them was even like a 70 foot long snake skeleton that was totally bike powered by a bunch of people inside the skeleton. The mouth of the snake opened and their were kids in there. The fangs of the snake were longhorns. Only in TX.

Little witch

This is what being a kid is all about!

 Everyone was in costume or had their face painted. I got a few great pictures that you can see on my flickr to the right, but I will post some below.       

We left the parade and headed to south Congress for some shopping and looking around the town. I really liked it over there. There are a ton of cool shops, and we had a good time just strolling around and trying not to be nervous about the ride the next day. It was nice to have locals show us around a bit.

Cupcake Truck

Monkey Pipe

Jim is a happy guy.

    Jamison and I went back to 6th street to try to catch something to eat. We got some great meals at an Irish place down there and loaded up for the ride the next day then took a brisk walk across town to burn of the excess and pick up Jenni from her date. Honestly, on the way back to the hotel is when I realized that we actually had to make it to the ride in the morning!

We started to make our plans for the morning and got everything ready. We are vets at this early ride stuff, and we wanted to make sure that everything was as smooth as could be. We had our bibs pinned, stickers on, and bags packed so we just had to wake up and walk out the door. Subteam East Coast knows  how to get it done!

We smile


and pin with the best of them

I had the big boy bed for the night so I took full advantage of that. I fell asleep thinking of what a great day I just had, and how excited I was for the morning ride.


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