And we all ride on..

After a night sleeping in the big boy bed, I woke up to people buzzing around the room getting bike stuff ready while I was still in my PJs. Luckily everything was ready, and I did not have to look good to get out to the start line, because I would have been in major trouble!

We got the bikes back to their favorite place…laying on top of each other with their tail feathers shaking. Thank god we had some expert bike packers and someone who is willing to sit with shifters and handlebars waiting to take out a tooth or an eye at any tap of the brakes., or we would have been in trouble with this car.

Between our early rising, Jamisons need for speed, and the fact that nothing was open to eat, we were the 10th car lined up in the field for the morning. GOOOO top ten! We were able to get to the fresh porta pots, and had plenty of time to relax and get ready for the ride. We took a quick ride over to the only store open for like 200 miles, and stocked up on breakfast and some treats for the ride. I did not think that this would travel well, no matter how good it looked. After some comments that almost made me choke to death…

You had to be there, but believe me it was funny!

We were on our way. We rode a bit up to the start line, and I rode around a bit and then promptly lost my roomies. I worked my way to the start line by worming my way through a bunch of bikes and folks who were already lined up. I found my roomies and a spot that I was comfortable with, but then we got the call up. There is nothing better in cycling than the call up. You can never win a race, but boy oh boy do people love their call ups. This call up is extra special considering there are 4000 folks behind you and being in front of a ride like this is the place to be!

We hung out at the start line and talked to the fellow fatties who lined up with us. I was next to Orbea girl from France and my roomies. We should make some trading cards of our shots on the line. We realized that we wre standing with Ryan from Twin Six and then Elden rode up in front of us to a bunch of cheers. I didn’t realize that his sister was taking some shots of the group, or I would have tried to look better.

Jenni Myself and Elden

Lance made his speech, then got a head start on Elden, then the rest of us got to go for our ride. Jenni was winning for the start of the ride and she will make sure that we all know that forever.

The ride started fast and I was determined not to fly off the front and make my first ten mile legs write a check that my last ten mile legs could not cash. I knew how much the Philly ride hurt, and I wanted to have more fun on this ride.

Of course we went out fast and stayed that way for a while. I had some wheelsuckers who found that drafting behind the big guy is a good way to travel. We did a few miles of this with some wheel suckers. We crested the first big climb, and I was wating for a time to stop and adjust my seatpost that was a bit too low. Then I laid my eyes on what was ahead on the next ranch. There was a family out supporting the ride with a giant yellow ghost.

These ranchers were enjoying some Sunday morning drinks and watching the cyclists stream by. They had some long horn cattle out near the fence, and luckily Jenni asked if we can go and meet them. The nice folks let us go out and take some photos with them. Cotton and Johnny Cash were great ambasodors for their species, and their home state. At that point, my trip was complete. I wanted to get a picture with those guys, and ride my bike. I was happy with both by that time.

We got on the bikes and solidered on with some cattle guards in our way, and a bunch of miles to go. We split up as a group a few times and would then join on. It is great to ride in events like these when time is not really what we are shooting for, but it is the experience and the fun that makes it all matter.

We decided to meet up at the first rest stop, and I guess everyone else did as well. It was a mad house, but we were able to stock up for the ride there. We also got the customary picture taken. We got to ride with some interesting folks who were on some great bikes. These guys were flying on the course on Fireman Texas cruiser BMX bikes.

It seems like I have done this before. I take my good ole time at the beginning of the ride, then get to a point that I feel somewhat serious, but by that point it is always too late to make the cut for the longer route and my problem child bike was screaming for some attention. I am happy that I did not put myself through the extra torture, because the relaxed time constraints allowed some time to sit and play the morocas, pet the Llamas, and take some pictures that I am pretty happy with.


Jen and I finished the ride together, even though she was winning at the beginning. I think if you look at the picture below, she is winning by a slight margin, but then again she did use my “fanny pack” to draft off of.   When we crossed the line Elden was there to greet us, which is a great feeling. We chatted and had some pictures taken. The rest of the afternoon was spent hanging out and enjoying the high of the day. We had a great time at the finish line. I got to ride some of the bikes from the hand built bike show, and I am in the process of buying one of them!

If there were cyclocross on Miami Vice, this is what they would ride!

We also REALLY enjoyed the photobooth that was set out for us.

We are taking suggestions of which ride you would like us to come to. If your ride needs to get more awesomer, then get in touch with subteam east coast Fat cyclist because we know how to bring the party.

One Response to “And we all ride on..”
  1. Sissy says:

    Did I tell you yet that I think you are AWESOME?
    Well I do and I am so PROUD of you too!
    Love Sissy

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