My morning started off with a late wake up…much later than I expected. Today is the day where we have to show some “growth” over our three years in grad school. We had to show that by taking a 52 question test. The things that I did not think I would know, I did not. Nothing I can say for that. I did not study because I am pretty confident that I will do well for enough of the it to let me pass. We will see. I was one of the first done with the test. I just used my test taking skills and worked my way though it. I saw this on the way back to my test, and I felt like it summed up my three years at Penn.

I did not want to do much more the rest of the day after the test. The weather and the test took alot out of me that I did not really expect.

We ended up going to the mall to blow some time and get ready for the party later that night. I guess before we got there, and epic battle had ensued. I really hope everything involved is doing well now.

Considering what is left over…it must have been quite a fight.

Oden the Robit

After climbing the Polish Poconos’ (Manayunk for the rest of you) and looking for a parking spot, we made it to the party of the night. There were some great costumes there and it was great to see all of these folks.

Carl and Lauren

Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister

Steve had a hard time holding back

Cat lady


By the way….if you hit a baseball off of any part of the stadium, it is not a homerun, unless you are a bunch of babies. GO PHILS!


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