There is mud in your ear!

The weather was not looking all that great for a mountain bike ride, but great for El Dia de los Muretos and all that surrounds it. Instead of heading out to the day of the dead parade, I decided to head down the Delaware Trail spinners mountain bike Jamboree.This is a great event, and something that really lets you get back to the heart of what Mountain Biking is all about. There were no attitudes, no one talking about their coaching, and no one warming up on rollers for a mountain bike ride. I am a throw back, but the changes in mountain bike racing in the last few years has really soured my taste for racing, so since there was no race to be had today, I was heading down for the ride despite what the clouds had in store for us.

I got to the Fairgrounds in time to make a choice between going out for some of the different rides that were offered for the day. I decided to jump on with the intermediate group just as they were leaving the stable. At about minute two of the ride, I got some mud kicked up in my eye on a down hill. I realized that I should have worn some eye protection.

We had a few muddy climbs, and I spent some time riding with my teammates that were on the ride. When we got to the top of a really long and muddy climb, the group decided to split in two. Even though some folks I ride with jumped on the faster group, I decided to stay with the slower of the two groups. I would have been off the back of the Fast group, and I ended up riding off the front of the slow group, so I guess I made the right choice. I usually find more pleasure in teaching someone skills along the way in the slow group instead of redlining the entire time I am supposed to be holding on with the fast guys.

Besides my chain breaking on one of the climbs, I had a great time and spent a bunch of time heading out to the front to take some pictures of the group I was with, or hanging with some folks at the back who were working hard to stay on. Fairhill is pretty no matter what the weather. Fairhill is really focused at horseback riding, and is a major location for trail riding, training, racing, and general horsing around, so they need a good lawn jockey.

I really love my bike. Seriously, this bike is perfect for me. It fits well, looks good, climbs, and smiles for me, in case I am not.

My mojo on this bike is a replica of one that I found years ago. I finally had it replaced in accordance with the laws of bike mojo.

When we got back to the main site, Jamie was at our tent cooking up some stuff for the guys we met down there.

The chicken wings in there were amazing

Jamie also put out the team trophy for top grassroots team in the series.

The folks from the trail spinners also had tons of food, drink, and sweets for us. Did I tell you how amazing this event was?

We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and shooting the bull while coaching kids through the different skill sections that we put together. This kid rode EVERYTHING we set up. It does not hurt that his dad is pretty good at trials, but this kid has the guts that are needed.

The trail spinners did have a bunch of presentations. One of which was $1,100 to Farihill for the construction of some new trail features. They also talked about some of their grant programs and other stuff that they have going on down there. Along with the great day, the trail spinners also gave away some swag from a few bike shops, Kona, and GT. Here is the winner with his GT. This guy is a true inspiration.

Notice Anything?

He was willing to freely talk about his bike set up, and showed off the “church key” that is built into his prosthesis. He rides just like everyone else, but just shifts and brakes with just one hand. It is great when folks can keep doing what they love with a minor set back.

Two trigger shifters. The Elixir levers allow him to finally run hydraulic brakes because they have such a small reservoir.

I finally got home to deal with the attack that the time change unleashes on me. I don’t understand how this time thing gets such a hold on me, but every time there is a change, I am a disaster.

6 Responses to “There is mud in your ear!”
  1. epicmoonflower says:

    What an awesome day! Of course this couldn’t get past me…”Besides my chain breaking on one of the climbs”…do you have a mountain bike problem child?!

    Sounds like so much fun. I also love the cat lady costume from Halloween!

  2. surlyrider says:

    For those of us that ride our bikes in mud, we know that mountain bike chains break esp under loads like mine and the force I exert while climbing. Believe me this a broken chain is not even the start of all of the crap I have broken in my time riding.

  3. Jamie Alexander says:

    Great stuff Pat. Thanks for coming down. It was a great day despite the weather. I am heading to Raystown Lake with Charles and Nathan this weekend.

    • surlyrider says:

      I really wish I could head out there with you guys. It is going to be great weather. I want to get out there before the snow flys, but I am not sure if that is going to happen.

  4. RustingDeadMetal says:

    Great blog site! The Jamboree was an absolute blast, mud, beer and burgers, always a win win situation! Thanks for the prop, though I never thought of my self as inspirational… lol

    • surlyrider says:

      I often think if Ihad a set back where it made it difficult, if not impossiable to ride my bike, how would I feel. I do not think I would be very positive, but just in our breif discussion, you seem so positive and if you were out in those conditions, you also can ride!

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