I work harder when there is no work!

Yesterday really kicked my butt. It is election day here in Pennsyltucky, so the kiddies get to stay home. When you were a kid and there was an in-service day, you pictured the teachers running around in shorts and Hawaiian shirts drinking cocktails while gossiping about the students. Well…part of it is true, and I am not telling you what part, but I feel like I did more work today than I have in a while. Maybe it is the World Series induced lack of sleep that is getting to me, but wow I was really run over yesterday!

Even though I teach in one of the top schools in the state, I guess no school is absent their rebels. Most of our rebels end up at MIT vs. Princeton, but this one may have a hard time getting out of high school.

I think the intention was Chaos

Marc and I went out for a nice trail run today. He and I have missed our trail run date the last two weeks, so with the drop in fitness and temperature, we were feeling it yesterday. He is of course faster than I, but it is a good release to hit the trails after work. I do enjoy trail running and I feel that it really helps my climbing, and it is something that I feel that I can do even if the trails are a little bit moist.

Because the World Series is now into a game six, my weekly cross race is canceled, so I am going to hit up the Pennypack trails on the single speed pink lady after school. I am excited for some single speed action. I usually ride my single speed all through the winter, and then once race season comes around, I get back on the gears. I would love to build up enough fitness to actually race SS all the time. Maybe I can do that this winter.

I have eluded to buying a new cross bike from Bilenky, and I think we have the deal working, so I need to raise some funds. To get the cash for this new bike, I am selling off my 2008 Specialized Tricross. If you want a shot at it, click here. I am thinking of maybe selling it as a complete, so get in touch if you would like the whole bike.

One Response to “I work harder when there is no work!”
  1. Dave says:

    Picked up your site from epicmoonflower. Haven’t had a chance to read alot of it yet. I hate to make a comment about spelling after I butchered accessories on her site, but I would have never gotten Chaos from that!

    The Steelers and Pens continued what you started
    last year. As Red Green says, “I’m pulling for you”

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