Follow the yellow road

I headed out of school as close to Three as I could, and I made it to the trail pretty quickly. It seems that I ride Pennypack mostly in the fall, and mostly at night, so whenever I discover a trail, I am stoked that I found my way around the place.

Low Bridge

If you have never been there, the best way I can explain it is as a 6 or 7 mile creek that has a paved trail along one side, and dirt on the other. Oh yah…the path goes back and forth across bridges, so you can be on dirt one minute, and then on an active multiuse paved trail the next. With that description, you can probably tell that the hills can be steep in some places, but with the proper path, you can get some good flow going in there.

I got on a good trail, but then sort of lost it along the way, then found it again, only to be led to what amounted to more or less a cliff especially with all of the wet leaves under such a steep slope. I got down it which brought me back to my car just in time for it to get dark. The ride was perfect, even if I were not on perfect trail the entire time. I love the single speed this time of year, because you can really ride and not worry about the heat killing you. Pennypack is also great for single speed because it is really technical and you can not really get the right flow if you keep trying to change gears.

I got home and took the dog for a walk so we could get ready for the WS game tonight. We saw this truck along the way. That is some dedication to that sport. I am not sure if that is something like a winners prize, or a special type of truck you can buy similar to the Ford Kona or the Trek VW. This person must be in training, because if they were going to Wawa, they were parked about as far from the door that you could be, but still in the parking lot.

I have some stuff in the works that may lead to me doing my first Tri. I will let you know more info as I find it out.

I decided to sell my Tricross as a complete bike. I just think that it makes more sense. Take a crack at it on EBay.

Congrads to the Phillies for a job well done. They are a great team, and if we can keep this crew together, we will see lots of success in the future.

2 Responses to “Follow the yellow road”
  1. Lana says:

    You should so do a triathlon next year – so much fun and so good for you. Cross training will be your friend!

    Which one/what distance were you thinking?

    • surlyrider says:

      I am not sure which one I will do. I would hope that it would give me the motivation to train and work hard. This is going to be a cool adventure, and I will spread more details once I know exactly what is going on. This is supposed to be part of a bigger deal.

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