Much MoBetter

I have always been a bearded fellow. I have been growing facial hair since I was about 15 or so. I first grew it to hid the zits on my chin that were caused by my football chinstrap. Then it just kind of stuck with my “look” I have had times where I shaved my face totally, but I look like a little kid when I do, and I feel the beard sort of fits with my personality and hides the extra chin or so I sometimes carry around.

I saw the Movember booth at the Livestrong challenge, and to be honest, I was not really drawn in by their display which was really just some poster hanging up and a few folks standing behind their display. Also…Chris Carmichael was standing by himself next to their booth at some random product display.

You can see the Movember booth off to the left. Just a sliver of an orange poster.

After I got a few emails about it and I saw it on Fattys site, I decided that this was for me. I have wanted a change for a little bit, and this gave me the reason to go for it.

I had a bit of a delay in shaving because I had a wedding to go to and some other obligations that I had to fulfill that I did not want surprise people at. I went for the shave on Saturday night.

I was initially going to leave my mustache on because I had a bit of a deficit to make up over everyone else, but after a few hours of this on my face….


I had to let it go. I could not take my self seriously. Considering I teach freshman students, being taken seriously is a big part of my job. There was no way that I could walk in the classroom with a mustache like that. I decided to go for the full shave, and use my genetic make up to cover the ground that I have lost while waiting for time to shave. 

The first place I went with my face totally shaved was of course a cross race. There were people there that I have been friends with for 10 plus years who walked right by me like they had no idea who I was. They all have funny reactions. They are not sure if they should sa that it looks good or bad. They usually just say different.

I can say that the reaction in school has been positive so far. Everyone talks about how young I look while totally clean-shaven. I guess I will have to shave more often as I get older. I can drop ten years with the swipe of a razor!

2 Responses to “Much MoBetter”
  1. Dave says:

    The hair is gone but does the surliness remain??

    The last picture speaks volumes- not comfortable clean-shaven hiding under the shades and hat?

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