Good bye Tricross

I sold my Specialized Tricross bike on Wednesday! This bike was one of the most perfect bikes out of the box. I recommend anyone get this bike. I raced two seasons on it and used it for countless rides on some mixed-use trails and paths. For the most part the bike was perfect. I was not getting rid of it because I didn’t like it, because it performed perfectly all the time, and made me feel fast once in a while. The problem with this bike is that it had no soul.

I am a bike snob. Not like the guy in New York, but I like to have unique bikes that stand out just a little bit. The only change I made to this bike was to put some Eleganza bike ribbon on it and white brake housing instead of the black that it came with. There was not really too much I could do to that bike to make it my own. If I am not going to be fast, I might as well look good doing it!


Really what happened was that I got a great offer on buying a Bilinky cross bike and I am waiting for my Raleigh Hilife to get here. These two bikes are unique enough for me and will give me plenty of chance to build up two pretty slick rides.

The guy who bought it paid for it pretty quickly, so everything worked out pretty well. The only problem was that it was in pieces! I took the bike apart to clean it and maybe just sell the frame few weeks ago, but never got it back together. This gave me the opportunity to do some dancing with my bikes.

With the sale of the Tricross, I had to take the wheels that belonged with that bike off of my Surly Cross-Check and put the spare Cane Creek wheels on the Cross-Check. I took the Ksyerium Elites off of the Tricross to put them on the problem child. (Indy Fab). The Chris Kings that were on the problem child are going on my Bilenkey.

All of this required not only a change in tires but also cassettes for almost all of them, because some of the wheels were going between shimano 9 speed and Sram 10. This was an exercise in patience, and organization. The last thing I wanted to do was put the wrong cassette or tire on the wrong wheels. The only real issue was some of the valves were too short for their new wheels, so there were some tube changes along the way.

After moving all the bike stuff around and tuning up the problem child and Tricross, I decided to mess around with my camera. I have designs on using a tripod to shoot the race this weekend, so I wanted to play with some shutter speeds and lights. I just set the tripod up to do some self portrates. I have a project coming up that I will talk about later, that I am going to need some self shots for, so I figured there was no time like the present to get some shots in. Here are the results.

With no real background in this camera stuff, I think I am starting to figure it out.

One Response to “Good bye Tricross”
  1. Dave says:

    I know what you mean about being unique. To this day I have never owned a pair of Nike sneakers because everyone else had them.

    Bike question: Yours is the third mention of the Surly Cross Check. What would I notice moving from my Trek 1500 to that bike?


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