TGIF! 4life

I have needed to take some time off. I have missed four days of school this year so far, but I have always been doing something or going somewhere. I have never just had a day to rest. With the track and field season rapidly approaching, I knew that I needed to get some me time in now before I did not have the time for it.

I intended on cleaning the house and finishing some projects that seem that they are never ending like cleaning and organizing my basement. Those plans got tossed when I found out that I could get a Friday the 13th tattoo with my buddy Oliver. We made some rash plans and headed down to the shop in China town where you can always see something interesting.

We buzzed through the Reading terminal market looking for some food and a working ATM. We kept running into broken ATMs and groups of mostly cute random girls that were all dressed alike. We could not figure out why there was a sudden an influx of punkish girls that we have never seen before. Not many come through the punk rock customs house of Tattooed Moms, The Khyber, or any of the other low rent bars we sometimes find our selves in without most of our friends knowing their whereabouts. We eventually put 3 and like 7 together and realized that they were in town for the Roller Derby national championships.

Those are some perky boobs for having so much white hair!

No wonder each group had at least one girl that neither of us would take on in a fight.

After we had procured our veggie chicken salad sandwiches and some cold hard cash, we made the trek down to the shop. When we got there, Pat was already inking up a few folks. We thought it was too early in the day to get tattooed, but some messengers who had a break in their deliveries stopped in for a pretty cool smattering of ink for an insane price.

Pat was doing this tattoo for $20. It was a $13 tattoo with a $7 tip. Not a bad deal. Oliver and I waited around while the guys in front of us were getting their ink. I ended up as number 7 by 1:30.


This is one of my favorite tattoos now. Not only do I have it with a great friend of mine, but also it is just pretty damn funny.

Oliver and I parted ways because he had to go to work, and I had to head out for the weekend to head up to the Mercer Cup.

I ended up driving to the lady’s parent’s house, which was to be used as home base for the weekend. The drive up sucked because it was just a cold rainy day. Cross should be great tomorrow!


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