Sunday Morning Coming Down

I was up at the crack of dawn to work on some grades for my classes. Every teacher knows the crunch that is report card time. I usually start off each quarter with a good push towards grading everything with a fine toothed comb only to slip as the quarter goes by and the papers start to pile up.

I let the rest of the family go on about their day because I knew I needed to get a ride in and I had a limit as to what time that would happen. I wanted to go for a long one and I knew that no matter how warm it was outside, the sun was not going to stay up much longer than normal.

The problem child was tuned up on my day off last Friday. I honestly think that I had my rear deraliure miscabled. I did not go through the little loop that under the rear deraliurer which made the cable a bit too tight, but still allowed the monster to shift. I also put a thicker piece of rubber under the front deraliur shims. This will keep the front der. from slipping down and messing up my front shifting. I have been working on bikes for about 17 years now, and I still miss the simple stuff.

I also had to take care of my tire issue. I ripped a sidewall back in Auguest and I fixed it with the old dollar bill trick. That has worked pretty well until the end of the Livestrong ride in Texas where I notied the tube starting to tear through the tire. Instead of getting new tires, what do I do instead? I got some duct tape and folded it in to quarters and booted the hole once again. It is not that I am too cheap to get a new tire, I just forget, and the boots are a perfect solution.

With all of that prep. I set out on a ride with no real route planned. I knew that there was a place where I can get some great climbing in, because I have been mountain biking near there, but never got to go on a road ride up in that area, so I headed in that direction not really knowing what was ahead of me. I found some great spots along the way.

Round Valley

I ended up on one of the best rides I have had in a while. I went for miles with out seeing one car, which is a great feeling while riding in NJ. I climbed some pretty decent hills in some of my taller gears, which made me pretty happy. The problem child shifted really well through the whole ride.

I love the livestock on my rides.

Almost 30 miles. Next time I am going to make it into a 60. There are some great loop points.

As I was getting closer to civilization, I was thinking about how great the ride was and how nice the folks were on the route. Just then, as I was going down a hill into an S bend and a narrow bridge crossing, some jagoff buzzes me at high speed and almost pushes me off the road. I should have known that was coming because I was pretty close to a golf course. Golf Courses have a Jagoff attraction level similar to that of the earth on the moon. The closer you get to a golf course on an unseasonably warm weekend, the greater the rate of jagoffs acting like jagoffs will be. No offense to my friends who choose to chase a little white ball around on the weekend, but seriously you have some idiots involved in your sport.

My definition of Hunterdon County looks something like this.

Considering I came out fine, I can not let one idiot ruin the ride. I can not wait to go out on this route again and maybe even expolore a bit more.


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