Clydesdale national cyclocross championships

I can say that if I planed this right, I could have been there. I would probably have had my most successful call up of all time since they are calling up by the heaviest person. That sounds like my kind of race. I plan on going out to this race next year, so we will see if I can bring home the gold. Nats’ Clydesdale Championships Details Released

Speaking of gold, I am in the process of building my Raleigh High Life cyclocross bike. I have been drooling ove this bike since I saw the Ranier brewery bikes from last season. I jumped at the chance to pick this bike up and paid a bit more than my usual employee price calls for, but this bike was worth every penny.  I am still in the process of building her up. I am going to race her this weekend, but she will probably not live with the same parts that are on it now. I will keep updating to let you know how she looks as we go along.

Here is a preview…

Gold Frog Legs go great with the over all look of the bike.

2 Responses to “Clydesdale national cyclocross championships”
  1. kennykaos says:

    i thought about picking one of those up but i prefer to race cross geared but it looks good so far. you racing phelps school this weekend?

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