Not all pursuits are trivial.

My thanksgiving had two, maybe three distinct parts this year. I had the time spent in Jersey riding and breaking my bike then dinner with the in laws and Stella dog. Then I drove up to my parent’s house, which is two hours from my in laws. Along the way I got to share some Thanksgiving greetings with some friends who live far away. 2 hours on the road is the perfect time to catch up with old friends and family.

I made it to my Aunts house at exactly 5pm to have some desert with my Mom’s brothers and sisters. My own sister was home sick, so I did not get to see her. I really wanted to make it to desert with my Aunts and Uncles, because this is our first Thanksgiving, and first real holiday since my grandmother had passed. It was a bit strange without her there, but we all knew that she was going beer for beer with my dad, and confirming half of the crazy stories we were telling.

I headed down to my Dad’s sisters house to see some members of the other side of the family. These are the two places I have to make it to on every Thanksgiving. I am fortunate that so much of my family lives close to where I grew up. I am able to see tons of family and really have great visits without traveling across the whole world to get there.

The final stop of every Thanksgiving is at Joe Y’s place. Usually we meet there and then head to the Jazz Café, but there was no show there this year, so an epic trivial pursuit game was in store. I think we had 14 or so people playing at the same time. I realized that I could use some help on some questions, but I think we struggled with coming to a conscious on most of the questions, which made the game drag on all night.

I would hang with that family and my friends forever, but I was whipped. I was thrilled to hear the game end on the easiest question ever.

“What amphibian is known for singing It aint easy being green”? Really? That is how it ends? It ain’t easy being on the other team.

We can't wait for Big Nicky to get home to get the whole home team together.


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